Friday, March 5, 2010

Lunch ... and then some ....

Because Jen gave all our readers a tease in her HNT post, I figured we owed it to our faithful followers to provide a follow-up to our Thursday lunch plans. And yes, Thursday we indeed had lunch .... Well, for about 5 minutes anyway before we got down to business. Now I'm not the world's greatest erotica writer -- especially compared to some of our friends here in the blog-o-sphere -- so I'm just going to focus on the highlights. (And as a woman who always has something to say... I will throw in my 2 cents when I feel it's needed.)

  • I got the ball rolling early that morning by texting Jen and letting her know this was going to be an "All about you day ..." I just get in those moods sometimes where her pleasure becomes my sole focal point. And that was on my mind the minute I sprung out of bed Thursday morning. (Ah yes, and my whole morning was consumed with the thought .. even though I was at work I wasn't thinking about work.)
  • It's tough concentrating at work knowing we're going to be meeting later that day, especially on those days when we know we'll have her big 'ol house all to ourselves. Lucky for me it was a busy morning at work, and before I could say "My balls are barkin'!, 12:30 had arrived and I was making the short, 15-minute drive to her house. I like to get myself in the mood by listening to music filled with a little "innuendo" on the drive in -- one of my current favorite's is "Carry Out", by Justin Timberlake and Timbaland.
  • So after we quickly wolfed down our sandwiches, we proceeded to the bedroom where it wasn't long before I had her sweater up over her shoulders, and her bra stretched up exposing those firm nipples that I so love to suck.(ooooh how the girls love the attention) Alternating between them and giving each equal time, with one between my lips and the other twisting roughly between my thumb and forefinger. My desire was starting to build as Jen's heavy moans and her encouraging words were driving me wild. Not holding back any longer, I just HAD to have her pussy in my mouth and I quickly removed her bottoms ....
  • Her first orgasm came in no time, as I had two fingers probed deep inside her while my tongue worked her clit. It was only a matter of minutes before she was arching her back and having those spasms I so love to feel from her -- her sweet pussy juice cumming in waves all over my face. (yep, that about sums that up... I was so ready it didn't take long)
  • Precisely at the moment she had that last convulsion, the phone rings ... It was a call she was waiting for, so she had to take it. No problem, I told myself. I bided my time, but soon started to tease a little, looking to get a head start on her next climax. So I crawled up next to her, nibbled on her fingertips, and seductively sucked them into my mouth, just looking to tease a little all the while she was on the phone. I was just moving down and getting started on her toes when the conversation ended, she hung up, and we were able to pick up where we left off ... (good thing I got to hang up because when his tongue hit my toes.. I am sure I was moaning loudly )
  • I was ready to thrust my throbbing hardness into her, but Jen turns to me and says "but I haven't even sucked your cock yet!" And I replied "No baby .. remember - this is an all about YOU day". To which she responded "Well, if its all about ME then I want to suck that fucking cock of yours!" So fellas -- how much of a fight do you think I put up with THAT one? Ahhhh... I thought so -- one thing I know about our readers -- they're smart! Her head was bobbing up and down on my thick shaft in no time...(ok I am just smirking as I read this.. feeling my mouth and tongue teasing him is the best thing since sliced bread for me)
  • After that staggering cocksucking session, I decided it was time to fuck. I needed to feel her wetness surrounding that cock of mine. But first I turned her on her side and moved in for the next round of oral sensations ... tongueing her ass with my tongue (AHHHH) .. giving her the rim action I had been fantasizing about all morning. I loved it as I slipped my forefinger into her cunt and worked her ass with my thumb .. never keeping my tongue out of the loop.
  • Not to lose the momentum, I rolled her over on her back and began fucking her missionary - loving it as she grabbed my butt from behind to encourage me to fuck her harder .. deeper .. With one leg pinned to her ear, I did just that and soon picked up the pace ... fucking her harder, deeper ... thrusting faster.... Orgasm #2 in the books. ... (bows)
  • I let her relax for a couple of minutes, but still - I wanted to give her more. I continued to fuck her missionary, but this time reached down with my hand to finger her clit while I kept working my now-soaked cock deep inside her.. This was an all new sensation for me, as I loved the feeling of my balls slapping her ass, while my cock was slick from her pussy juices and my fingers kept busy on her clit.(Ok men, here is a tip if you didn't already know.. having my already sensitive clit played with while he was fucking me... flood gates opened quickly ) Orgasm #3- history. But this time I didn't stop, as it was my turn and finally I released my pent-up load, much to the relief of my swollen jewels. (Jewels? lol )
  • We spent the next half hour or enjoying those moments we love best -- lying naked in each others arms, alternating between laughing, serious conversation, soft kisses, passionate kisses - and just gazing into each others eyes. These are the moments where we wish time stood still.
  • A glance at the clock, and I'm regrettably thinking its time to start making my way back to work. Jen had other plans ... She moved down to my embarrassingly tiny flaccid cock, and I'm thinking to myself "Good luck with that girl -- I think he's had it!!" But I should have known better - don't EVER underestimate Jen nor her ability to work my manhood back to life.(yea, I am smirking again ) She started sucking me -- her pussy juices and my cum still coating my cock - and I could start to feel the tingling .. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, my guy was up, at-em, and ready for business!! I'm thinking Jen's got her sights set on Orgasm #4 -- but no!!! She shifts her cocksucking skills into overdrive and I'm telling you -- it isn't 30 seconds later and I'm shooting my second load deep down her throat.(Surprised even me to be honest.. it was filling my mouth before I knew what happened)
  • I love listening to her swish my cum around in my mouth before she swallows, and I can't wait to kiss her passionately as I always do after one of her mind-boggling blowjobs. Can there be anything more intimate?
  • I'm torn -- do I shower before I head back to work? I so love to carry Jen's cum taste on my lips all day.. And especially today after working her ass with my tongue. And later in the day, I do love to reach down down into my pants and still feel a little of that slickness left on my cock and bring some of it up to my tongue for a taste... But damn .. that shower feels SO good after one of these sessions. So I opt for cleanup. And I always regret it later in the day.
Final score on the Orgas-O-Meter -- Jen 3, Mark 2. I must say, even "All about Jen" days have their way of working out OK for me, don't they? and I am still smirking.. ; )


  1. Mark sounds like your specialty is "house calls" I am feelin a bit flustered reading this and damnit I am home all alone, that will teach me for reading your blog at lunch time - cool shower for me ha :]


  2. Now that is WAY better than going to McDonalds! Damn!


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