Thursday, August 30, 2012

pgh girl

(I received your email pgh girl... if you are still out there... email again, it seems you have closed out your account. .. you asked for an update.. well.. here goes......)

and  As for the rest of the world... if you care to wonder how Mark and I are doing.....

  we are still together... 3 years later.  We have traveled a bit this year.. got to spend more alone time as a couple then ever before and found... we still liked each other !!!

   I wish I could tell you more has changed but.. he still lives at home with a wife and children.  We still see each other almost daily... the only thing that has changed... is our age!  Posting some pics from our vacation sites.. see if you recognize these!

  We were here....

 and here....
 andddd here....
  Hope you all are well... and happy...



  1. I enjoy your updates, even if they only come every year! Glad to know you're still together and still enjoying life :)

  2. Thanks BenSmarty... now it's your turn to update... :)

  3. Nice to hear that you and Mark are still together, in a way. I'm glad you updated and that you are still around. :)

    The Brooklyn Bridge? Redwoods? Any baseball stadium in any city? (I don't like baseball!)

    Hope you both enjoyed the travels and each other.

  4. Thank you Nitebyrd... I still enjoy reading your posts too. Sort of like stalking by reading and not commenting but.. we are still here.

    Hope you are well and life is working the kinks out.

  5. I think you were in my city! :-) ~frances

  6. Oh my gosh Frances.... That's right, we were. Beautiful city.. we had a great time there. I am looking forward to going back since it wasn't too far from home for us!

  7. I wish there was stuff to update loverboy but.. alas.. there is none. We are no longer making memories it breaks my heart to tell you.

    I hope you are both well.. miss hearing from you.

  8. I have spent the day reading your story. It's lovely and heartbreaking. Anything left of the story you are able to share? Sooo curious! Regardless I hope you are healthy and happy!

  9. @Jen40... Thank you for stopping by our blog and reaching out.

    Not much has changed... Mark and I have not "reunited" but.. have kept in touch and still see each other from time to time for lunch (as friends). He still says he has not given up the dream of a lifetime together but, admits that he is afraid to leave..So, while it is hard, I have begun to try to move forward with my life but deep down, I hope he finds the courage to make our "happily ever after"... Thank you again for your comment.

  10. Hi Jen, I have been a long time lurker on your blog. I loved reading about the two of you. I'm sorry to hear about the way things have turned out but I truly hope that you find happiness.

    Have you considered starting a new blog about any adventures you may be having now as a single woman? Just a thought.

    Hope things are well with you.


  11. I am pgh girl...if you can believe it! Yes, I deleted that email account and then randomly thought of this blog, years later, and wow, there is an update! Glad to see one, even if things don't always turn out the way we would like them to (although, sometimes we find, years later, that's a blessing) - and I recognize that bridge ;-)


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