Thursday, February 25, 2010

HNT - Nipple Nuzzling

Keeping warm here in the "nipply" Northeast.

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Orgas-O-Meter

For our loyal readers out there (OK -- maybe readers shouldn't be plural), you've heard me reference the Orgas-O-Meter in some of my posts documenting our sexcapades. Well, my friends ... it REALLY does exist!! See above...

OK -- call me a nerd, call me a geek... I confess. I mean, only some four-eyed, horned-rimmed, coke bottle glasses pencil-necked geek would DO such a thing, right? Well, I do wear contacts.

But seriously -- it must be the engineer in me. Or the Sabremetric-loving baseball fan. You know, pouring over stats such as OPS (isn't that Orgasms Per Second?) and ERA (Erections Requiring Arousal??). But there it is -- all documented in living color in an Excel Column Chart. Let me explain.

The chart documents Jen and my orgasms running from the month of our first sexual encounter (Sep - 2009) until this month, Feb 2010. The blue bars (with the color signifying the color of my balls prior to Sep-09) represent my orgasms, with the pink bars naturally associated with Jen's mind-blowing, mind-bending, earth moving, eye-opening (Hate to brag!!!!) climaxes. As you can see, Jen has earned MVP (Most Valuable Penis-pleaser) status for 6 consecutive months now.

Now we do have rules for what constitutes an orgasm. Well, one rule - we must be engaged in some sexual activity together (no, those times alone in my basement watching YouPorn don't count!) . And I'm sure right now our savvy, dedicated readers are saying "Now wait just one second there, Markie-Mark... It's well documented that Jen enjoys watching you stroke yourself to orgasm - does THAT count?" And I scoff at you skeptics!!!!!! Why of course it does!!! If you indeed were a savvy reader, you would know that Jen usually has her well-lubed finger up my butt or is working our favorite toy up my forbidden passage, and/or has her lips on my scrotum during those self-pleasuring moments -- so heck -- a girl only has so many hands to work with!!!!

Now some of you may look at these numbers and consider them a pittance. A paltry sum. And I admit -- if Jen and I had unfettered access to each other, we would put these numbers to shame. But the fact is, we DON'T have unlimited time together, so I'm sure my adulterous friends can sympathize with me. Back when we started this relationship, because of my limited availability I considered seeing each other once a week and actually getting it on once per month would be a success. Well, much to my delight it has turned into SO much more than that...

157 total orgasms between Sep 4, 2009 and today, our seven month anniversary of when we first exchanged Ashley Madison messages ... Not bad for a guy that was averaging about 2 per month during his 15 years of matrimony...

And today's not over yet. Wink-wink. Happy Anniversary, baby!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just feel like making love......

This is just a spur of the moment post. I haven’t talked about it beforehand with Mark nor did I really give much thought to what I was going to say, but, I felt compelled to write in lieu of our last few weeks together. Actually, I was going to talk to Mark about documenting our FIRST sexual encounter, but.. I am going to leave that for another time.

I am moving instead, to our last sexual encounter, which coincidentally, was last night. While it is still fresh in my mind I just wanted to tell you about the “love making” more than the “sex”. (Or if you are Marks wife.. you must spell it out .. S-E-X)

Mark managed to maneuver some one on one evening time for us. That doesn’t happen often due to his life as a husband and father. I am sure any of you in this position understand that completely. Stolen moments for us.. are usually his work times when he can slip away without notice of taking time from his family. So, because I had some time to prepare, I wanted the evening to be special. We were both looking forward to this night especially since we had had several very hot make out sessions days before, where poor Mark left with a very noticeable hard on and precum stains on his nice dress pants.

The night was going to be alone time for US. I got my hair cut, bought new silky thigh highs, put on my silky short robe and high heels, lit the candles, poured the wine and watched the clock. When he arrived, he walked into the bedroom where I stood waiting. His face said everything I had hoped it would. His first words were, “My God, you look gorgeous” as he stepped forward to kiss me. In my heels we were close to the same height and as we kissed, I could feel him getting hard and pressing against me in all the right spots.

Needless to say… we made love. It wasn’t frantic, hurried sex (oops sorry.. S-E-X) but, slow, deliberate love making. From the prolonged time his tongue and finger spent probing and sucking… to the oh so fluid moment when he moved up to slide ever slowly into me. I felt his eyes never leave mine, his mouth whispering how much he loved me, his lips move down to silence my gasps as he took me to that place that only he can. When loving me becomes making love to me.

I am celebrating my love with this man with all of you. For, true love brings so many rewards… and while we love to just fuck sometimes… these moments of true connection of mind and body, will be the things that get me through these tough times. I am grateful for having all of you to share it with.

Mark, I love you babe.. thank you for making last night one of those nights.. when “everything is right with the world”

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day (Mark)

As the days approached to Valentine's Day, needless to say I was apprehensive. You see, I have been out of the "relationship game" for a good 15 years now. i.e., the entire time I've been married to The Wife. Even while we were dating, Feb. 14 never took on any other meaning than just another day on the calendar, as The Wife doesn't tend to recognize these publicly acclaimed holidays and instead tends to weigh their religious overtones. So she'd rather go to Mass, read a verse on the life of St. Valentine, and say a family rosary then blow $100 on candy and a dinner.

So I was trying to gauge Jen as Valentine's Day approached. And as with most all the major holidays, Jen holds them very close to her heart. No, she doesn't need to spend a king's ransom for gifts or a night out on the town. But more importantly, she wants to spend them with the people she loves. And on Valentine's Day, the man she loves. Can't say I blame her .... :) When you hear the term "down to earth", that describes Jen to a tea. It's one of the many things that attracted me to her, and it's one of the many things that overwhelmed me with the desire to spend the rest of my days with her. Yes, she places a high priority on holidays like these, but her heart is in precisely the right place -- with her family and the ones she loves most. And words can't describe how lucky I am to have earned a place in that loving heart of hers.

So we broached the topic the other day after a morning of passionate love-making. And I was quite relieved at her suggestion, something that I hadn't thought of. Yes, let's not acknowledge this day until we can spend it the right way -- in each others arms and belonging to no one else but each other. Yes, we exchanged heart-felt cards, but nothing more than that. While of course we'll greet each other with a "Happy Valentine's Day!!" when we sign onto our Instant Messenger sessions in the morning, but there will be no clandestine meetings down at the marina where we exchange gifts or anything like that. I thought about suggesting that, but to be completely honest, it just didn't feel right.

So when we do this, we're going to do it right ... And that day can't come soon enough.

Happy Valentines Day, Jen ... I love you, and here's to Feb. 14th, 2011.....

Happy Valentines Day .. (Jen)

We are approaching a tough place in a relationship such as ours...


My oldest child (the oh so wise one) used to call this "Happy Singles Awareness Day".. due to the fact that she almost never had a boyfriend during this time of year. I always felt bad for her but, she never seemed to feel bad for herself. She was always OK with being single. This year I am ‘technically’ single.. but, most of my friends think I am in a relationship. Very confusing isn’t it?

Mark asked the other day .. ‘What do we do about Valentines Day?’ It falls on a weekend and we seldom see each other on weekends. I had that moment of sadness/anger when I thought.. Happy Single Awareness Day Jen ! Being in love with a married man warrants you a day alone on a day when couples are celebrating their love.

After a moment or two of thought.. I decided.. let’s do nothing. No flowers, no gifts, no candy. No disappointment. I outright said to him ..”I don’t want our first Valentine memory to be while you are married to someone else”. It’s true. How would that be down the road.?. “Oh yes honey… remember our first Valentines Day together, when we met in the parking lot for 14 minutes and exchanged cards and candy (sigh) “

Better to forego this one.. enjoy my single status and make it a day like any other. Right now I am OK with being single and have learned from my eldest child, that a day like Valentines Day is certainly a great day for those in love to celebrate that and make special effort to reaffirm that love on that day. But, for those of us who can’t do that or don’t have someone to do that with right now.. It is just a day to be happy with where you are and who you are.

Maybe I will send my oh so wise daughter a card.. reminding her how much I love and miss her.

PS.. I Love you Mark.. and I don't need a special day to tell you that! <3

Thursday, February 11, 2010

HNT - Olympic Edition- Pregame

Gettin' ready for a little Free-Stylin' ...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Butterfly Kisses......

I feel terrible.

I just got a text from Mark who is on a date (father/daughter dance) with his 2 girls.

The text read.. "Just danced with the girls to Butterfly Kisses. A real tear-jerker"

UGH. What am I doing?

This is an amazing man who adores his girls more than life itself. His younger daughter Sara, the one who "cracks him up" with her quick wit and silly girlish chatter. She is sure she will grow up to be a rock star... and won't even consider it not to be an option.
Then there is Allison.. who is Daddy's girl. She and Mark have that wonderful relationship.. she makes him lunch, goes with him on errands.. wants to be with Dad and just cherishes him, and Mark feels exactly the same about her. So, what do I think I'm doing?

What selfish bone in my body thinks its fair to take him from these 2 little beings who probably couldn't imagine waking up not to see Daddy sitting at the table with his coffee and paper. These sweet children he brought into this world with the expectation of watching them grow from innocent, lovable young girls to arrogant but still lovable teens? What would happen to them if one day, Daddy wasn't there to kiss them goodnight. Will their whole life come unraveled?

I at the moment, wish I could turn back time.. or move it ahead.. or just make it stand still. Apparently I don't know what I want... but, I know I don't want to hurt two beautiful young souls who expect their lives to be this happy and simple forever. How could I ask him to leave that for me?

I can't... can I?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

HNT - What's Jen up to?

Click here to find out ...
One hint -- she's not looking for her contact lens... ;)

Happy HNT !!


Monday, February 1, 2010

You walked out of my dreams and into my arms

Now you're my angel divine ....

July 30 2009

Time to take a trip back in time. That day when Jen and I met for the first time, in person.

For those of you who haven't read the whole story, and to serve as a quick recap, Jen and I met on Ashley Madison. We exchanged several emails and texts, spent countless hours Instant Messaging, and after about 7 or 8 days of this, we decided it was time for the meet-n-greet. So we agreed to meet at a coffee shop on Jen's side of town on a Thursday in the mid-afternoon. When she told me she'd be in a black Ford Escape, I kind of snickered -- whenever I had advanced to this stage in any one of these AM, Craigslist, or any other "illicit encounter" relationship, two out of the three women ultimately drove Ford Escape's. The "Cheater Mobile", I liked to call it.

Looking back at the time leading up to our first meeting, I didn't have that typical sense of nervousness or hesitation usually associated with these sometimes terrifying events. With Jen, it was different. I had this subtle confidence that we were going to hit it off -- that the chemistry would be there. As I mentioned in previous posts, I was totally enamored with her writing, with the way she communicated in emails and in chats. With others, I had dared to jump into the sexual conversations right away, but other than establishing up front that we were both devoted connoisseurs of the oral passions, we didn't venture too much down that path in our electronic conversations.

So I drove into the lot at the coffee shop and there was the black Ford Escape. I pulled into the spot next to her, glanced over and sure enough -- that was Jen! Just like the photos we had exchanged. I had that sense of relief. We both got out of our vehicles, smiled and began our conversations that would continue on for the next three hours. As luck would have it, there was a park within walking distance of the coffee shop, so we grabbed a couple beverages and headed over to pick out a shelter where we could sit down and get to know each other.

As we were walking over to the park, we had to cross a narrow bridge where I skillfully maneuvered Jen into leading the way so I could check her out from behind. You see, Jen had worried that I would not be satisfied with her back side, but much to my delight I leered at it and thought to myself "Yes sir Markie, I can see spending a LOT of time back there..."

So by now dear readers, if you haven't left already, I'm sure you're saying to yourself "OK Mark -- cut the crap.. Get to the part where you take her behind the shelter, you whip out that stiff cock of yours and Jen gleefully sucks it until your sticky goo is dripping down her chin". Hate to disappoint you folks, but it ain't happenin'. There's no "there" there in this story. If you're looking for one of those stories, click over to the Hornycouple - my good friends there never disappoint in that regard.

But I digress.. No my friends, nothing more happened than just hours of good-natured conversation. We sat at that picnic table and our chats ran the gamut from my kids to her kids, to our mutual passion for a certain soon-to-be-crowned World Champion Major League Baseball team. We swapped war stories on our Ashley Madison experiences, our history of marital problems, and the dramas of our current relationships. We even discussed religion, as no topic was off limits. And I even learned something in the process -- Jen showed me how to use the auto complete texting feature on my cell phone. And I thought I was the engineer!

After about 3 hours of non-stop talking, laughing and giggling (she has the most infectious little giggle I've ever heard), we reluctantly made our way back to the coffee shop. As we were walking back over the bridge, I got a little bold and said "You know, I find it hard to believe you were worried about that butt of yours. You're in great shape!" And true to form, she giggled and made some wise-crack remark that right now I can't recall. When we finally arrived at her vehicle, we stood just outside her driver-side door and continued our chat for another 10 minutes or so. And as the conversation was drawing to its inevitable close, I now had to ask the Million Dollar question -- "Soooooo............ Would you like to pursue this any further?"

And time stood still as I anxiously awaited her response. There might have been non-stop rush-hour traffic whizzing by us at that very moment, but you could hear a pin drop in those milliseconds of time it took for her reply ....

"I'd love to.... You're adorable!"

And I've been walking on sunshine ever since.