Monday, August 23, 2010

Fantasy #56 - Mission Accomplished

While on our recent Day Trip to the Finger Lakes, Jen and I were determined to fulfill Item #56 on our Fantasy Bucket List - Outdoor Sex. So we strolled along the lake looking for an opportune spot, and found an open meadow with a clump of trees behind which we went to work.

Because we had been having heavy makeout sessions throughout the morning -- Jen giving me periodic cock massages through my shorts and in turn, my fingers finding my way up her capri pants to her ever-moist pussy -- there was no foreplay required when we threw our blanket down. Jen quickly pulled her capri's and panties off one leg whilst I pulled down my shorts, exposing my already rigid cock through my boxers. And we went right to work.

It lasted about 30 seconds. As I began to thrust deep inside her, I knew I wasn't going to last. I started to slow down and was terrified I was going to finish too soon when I heard those words that are music to my ears "I'm gonna cum baby ... Don't stop .. just like that ... yeah .. that's it..." And we both exploded in unison. It was a pure, pent-up, lustful fuck. We did hear some giggling coming from a boat parked not too far offshore, but did they see us? Probably not -- but if they did, who cares? It gave 'em something to talk about back at the office.

Before we picked up and made our getaway, I shot this photo at the Scene of the Crime...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

HNT - Sittin' By the Dock of the Bay

Lounging around one of the local Finger Lakes last week when I just had to sneak a peak at these buoys....

Happy HNT, Matey's!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

and so... it goes.

Just checking in here. We have noticed that in the summer months (in this hemisphere), fewer people are blogging and probably fewer yet are reading. Still, I wanted to sneak in and give you some updates here.

Since we last filled you in, we managed to go out to dinner to celebrate our one year (always a perk when you can sit out in a public place and pretend to be normal), we had some wonderful days together in the pool just relaxing and drinking (some snoring, but wasn't me), incredible sex and lovemaking (different if you ask me) with details to follow on at least one of those sessions, and a "date" set for tomorrow.. out of town, away from the locals, just Mark and me enjoying the day and each other.

I think I appreciate what we have so much more after the time without him. Lots of questions still swirling about though.
Is it all perfect? Of course not.
Do I still have my moments? most definitely.
Is there still that lingering anxiety... always.
Do I love him? more than any man ever (with the exception of my Dad)
Do I ever feel guilty? Strangely, not so much about "the wife" but, about the kids.. oh yes.
Now that we are back together .. do I still go through batteries? Not as many but, every chance I get!

So.....for now, we forge ahead one day at a time. Enjoying how we bring out the best in each other whenever we are together.

Live, Love, Laugh!

That we do.

Monday, August 9, 2010

How does this happen?

  I woke up this morning to an email from our friend Leah over at Diary of a Late Starter:

Folks, Google have deleted my blog for reasons of SPAM.  As I've done nothing to warrant this I can only imagine someone's hacked into the account and has been sending stuff out in my name. 
If you've received anything, please will you tell me?
I'll try and set up the blog again but it will take a bit of time.  Jeez, I'm so mad about it - all that stuff from the past year has now gone including a host of followers.
Virtual hugs most welcome
L xxxxxx

Poor thing is devastated.  How does this happen?  Google randomly deletes your blog? She certainly wasn't writing or posting anything to warrant this. 

Anyway... stay aware and  just letting you know if you click her link and she's not there..

It wasn't her doing... it was someone or something...that deleted her with a click of a button..

Scary if you ask me!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer days.. drifting away.... HNT

It's summer here... pool is open, sun is shining, drink in hand...
Mark and I spend a lot of our time here in my pool but tonight,
I am alone so..
a solo HNT celebrating this wonderful season.

Next time Mark is here.. we promise to make it a 2-fer.

Following up on your comments

First of all, I'd just like to say thank you to everyone that has taken the time to comment and email us over the past many weeks, offering your sympathies for the passing of my Mom and to share your thoughts to Jen and I as we endured a very volatile period in our relationship during the past month or so. As you might expect, it has been a very difficult time for me and only now have I been able to pick myself up and address some of the points made by our loyal following during our breakup.

So yesterday's Recharging the Batteries post by Jen triggered a comment from Florida Dom, and I felt compelled to respond. FD: Your comment is a fair one and believe me when I tell you that thoughts of how fair I'm being with Jen, the Wife and the kids are all-consuming. Not to mention being fair to myself. I think about this almost non-stop.

But one point I feel obliged to counter -- a point made by almost everyone who has provided insight into my situation -- is that my kids are unhappy. They simply are not. And yes, I know the response will be that I'm just being blind to their unhappiness, but if there's one thing I DO know through all this is that my kids are some of the most balanced, well-adjusted kids I've ever known. Yes, my oldest is a teenager and has those issues to deal with, but there's no denying he's happy and content with his life. With my girls, it's unquestionable. Like I've told Jen so many times, I wish everyone could view a Web-cam into my world, and I think it wouldn't be long before you agree.

And that's what makes this all so difficult. If there was any hint whatsoever that any one of them was unhappy with their situation at home, I would make the break in a heartbeat. In fact, I would have done this months ago, probably before Jen and I even met. But at this particular moment - August 4, 2010 - my kids are the happiest kids in the world, and a sure-fire way of screwing that up would be for me to throw THIS hand-grenade in the room.

So please understand -- I know on the surface it appears that I'm being unfair to everyone, but its just not as simple as that. I never planned on getting myself into this situation, nor did Jen. It just ........ happened. And now we're both trying to work through it because the only thing we DO know is how much we love each other .. And in the end, that's what makes all the angst, all the heartache, and all the complications worth fighting for. I guarantee everyone -- this WILL work out - I've never been more confident of anything in my life.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Recharging the Batteries

So, we all know sex is amazing but, there is nothing like 'make up' sex. That urgency to feel each other again after that time apart.. it's like an itch that needs to be scratched.

After deciding to hang in there for the year, giving Mark time to get his ducks in a row...knowing we were emotionally back together, we looked forward to the opportunity to 'reconnect' physically as well. We had a running joke about how many batteries I had been through during the course of the break up and although funny... it was absolutely true. We were going to take pics of the empty Duracell packages in my nightstand to prove it. I am a girl who loves to pleasure and be pleasured, even if it comes in the form of a plastic toy with varying speeds of vibrating power that make things quiver in very happy places. But, nothing compares to having Mark there, using all of his body parts to make me moan, scream, sigh and tremble. I was looking forward to being with him again almost as much as the first time we ever made love.

As we lay on my bed, we kissed as if we were savoring every second. Our tongues love to play, lick and our hands moved slowly over each other. I enjoy that light fingertip touch as they run over his arms, his back, along the insides of his thighs.. barely touching. Running softly over his cock bringing that moan from his lips and that twitch of his manhood making it harden for me. Mark whispers how much he has missed sucking my tits and he quickly moves over me... sliding his tongue between my cleavage. God, how I've missed him. Slowly clothes begin to hit the floor and we lay naked together. I feel the juices flowing when he closes his lips over my nipple and does that suck and nibble thing that drives me insane.

Moving down to taste me, he slides a finger inside and services my clit with his mouth and makes sure that I cum so hard he can't even touch me for a time as every nerve in my body seems to be standing on end. It's so hot how he moves up to kiss me so I can taste myself on his lips and he slips his finger between us so we can both lick it clean. I of course, have to return the favor because for me there is nothing as sexy as sucking and licking him to a frenzy. When my mouth hovers over him.. I love to blow across the head before my tongue slips in for the attack. His hips pushing up towards my mouth as he eagerly wants to be deep in my throat.

Mark asked if we could fuck on the floor... one of those things on our bucket list... and that we did. This is when the lovemaking turned to sex. That need to be satisfied overtakes all sense of being proper. When we collapsed in a heap on the floor, we were spent and sated.. We also left quite the mess on the carpet for me to clean up the next day.

Our time together is like none I have had before. It's not just sexual, it's emotional, loving and the best part of any day is the time we are together. We loved our reunion so much.. we did it again the next day...

and the next.