Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Recharging the Batteries

So, we all know sex is amazing but, there is nothing like 'make up' sex. That urgency to feel each other again after that time apart.. it's like an itch that needs to be scratched.

After deciding to hang in there for the year, giving Mark time to get his ducks in a row...knowing we were emotionally back together, we looked forward to the opportunity to 'reconnect' physically as well. We had a running joke about how many batteries I had been through during the course of the break up and although funny... it was absolutely true. We were going to take pics of the empty Duracell packages in my nightstand to prove it. I am a girl who loves to pleasure and be pleasured, even if it comes in the form of a plastic toy with varying speeds of vibrating power that make things quiver in very happy places. But, nothing compares to having Mark there, using all of his body parts to make me moan, scream, sigh and tremble. I was looking forward to being with him again almost as much as the first time we ever made love.

As we lay on my bed, we kissed as if we were savoring every second. Our tongues love to play, lick and our hands moved slowly over each other. I enjoy that light fingertip touch as they run over his arms, his back, along the insides of his thighs.. barely touching. Running softly over his cock bringing that moan from his lips and that twitch of his manhood making it harden for me. Mark whispers how much he has missed sucking my tits and he quickly moves over me... sliding his tongue between my cleavage. God, how I've missed him. Slowly clothes begin to hit the floor and we lay naked together. I feel the juices flowing when he closes his lips over my nipple and does that suck and nibble thing that drives me insane.

Moving down to taste me, he slides a finger inside and services my clit with his mouth and makes sure that I cum so hard he can't even touch me for a time as every nerve in my body seems to be standing on end. It's so hot how he moves up to kiss me so I can taste myself on his lips and he slips his finger between us so we can both lick it clean. I of course, have to return the favor because for me there is nothing as sexy as sucking and licking him to a frenzy. When my mouth hovers over him.. I love to blow across the head before my tongue slips in for the attack. His hips pushing up towards my mouth as he eagerly wants to be deep in my throat.

Mark asked if we could fuck on the floor... one of those things on our bucket list... and that we did. This is when the lovemaking turned to sex. That need to be satisfied overtakes all sense of being proper. When we collapsed in a heap on the floor, we were spent and sated.. We also left quite the mess on the carpet for me to clean up the next day.

Our time together is like none I have had before. It's not just sexual, it's emotional, loving and the best part of any day is the time we are together. We loved our reunion so much.. we did it again the next day...

and the next.


  1. It's great that you have so much chemistry. But if he eventually going to leave his wife for you? I think him continuing like this is unfair to you, his wife and his kids. It is time for him to make a break and start a new life. And the kids will be better off than living in a home where their parents obvously have no connection. And don't think kids can't tell that.


  2. Just knowing that this must be a hard time for you both, stopping by to let you both know that we are thinking of you and wish you the very best. Have to echo FD's sentiments though. Life is too short and you two deserve the very best~!

    "Ever has it been that love knows not its own
    depth until the hour of separation....Kahlil Gibran."

  3. Mmmmm..Sounds delicious!
    Glad you two had a nice reunion... over a few days! :)

  4. LOL at the empty packets of Duracell, I've spent five years with my long-distance lover and so I know the feeling.

    One thing I can recommend is making a clone of his willy - I now have two :) One for use at his house when he's refracting and the other to come home with me. A perfect replica of my favourite penis in the form of a vibrator. Guaranteed to fit my bits and hit all the right spots. Priceless :)


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