Monday, August 23, 2010

Fantasy #56 - Mission Accomplished

While on our recent Day Trip to the Finger Lakes, Jen and I were determined to fulfill Item #56 on our Fantasy Bucket List - Outdoor Sex. So we strolled along the lake looking for an opportune spot, and found an open meadow with a clump of trees behind which we went to work.

Because we had been having heavy makeout sessions throughout the morning -- Jen giving me periodic cock massages through my shorts and in turn, my fingers finding my way up her capri pants to her ever-moist pussy -- there was no foreplay required when we threw our blanket down. Jen quickly pulled her capri's and panties off one leg whilst I pulled down my shorts, exposing my already rigid cock through my boxers. And we went right to work.

It lasted about 30 seconds. As I began to thrust deep inside her, I knew I wasn't going to last. I started to slow down and was terrified I was going to finish too soon when I heard those words that are music to my ears "I'm gonna cum baby ... Don't stop .. just like that ... yeah .. that's it..." And we both exploded in unison. It was a pure, pent-up, lustful fuck. We did hear some giggling coming from a boat parked not too far offshore, but did they see us? Probably not -- but if they did, who cares? It gave 'em something to talk about back at the office.

Before we picked up and made our getaway, I shot this photo at the Scene of the Crime...


  1. Veronica and I were in the finger lakes region on late June. Unfortunately we had the kids with us and did not get the chance to try what you accomplished :-/

    Good for you!

  2. YAY! for both of you! One more "first" for y'all!

  3. Holy hell that's hot! Color me jealous!

  4. That was a great post to read this morning :D

  5. Lambchop: I think we both had that smile on our faces

    Hubman: I don't think the kids would have wanted to see that, good call ;)

    Nitebyrd: yep, checked another off the list..but we still have many to go. Oh the fun !

    Frances: It was hot.. the reality was as good as the fantasy.

    Ken: that blanket has been a key component to our relationship. We shared our first kiss on that blanket, spent many a lunch in the park making out on that blanket and shed a few tears there and now.. this. Oh the stories it could tell.

  6. Leah: I hope you get the chance. It was so exciting.

    Jas: thanks.. always love your support !

  7. Oh, that was such a sensuous scene. Thanks for sharing.


  8. That's a beautiful photo; what a beautiful place to accomplish your fantasy! And that WAS hot!

    I LOVE outdoor sex! A couple of my favorite experiences cum to mind: (1) In a park with my lover, and (2) on my boat with my husband (with a light airplane circling above, but we didn't care).

    I think I'll write about it in my blog!


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