Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Coitus Interruptus

Yesterday afternoon I stopped at Jen's house for a little couch cuddling. With her kids being home on break from school, we anticipated just a leisurely day of chatting and channel surfing for Cash Cab, with perhaps an opportunity or two to steal a few sloppy, passionate kisses when the kids were out of the room.

Turns out there was PLENTY of makeout time, and we both found ourselves overly aroused, as we always do during our couch sessions. But this time the kisses were sloppier, the hard-on harder, and the pussy wetter then either of us ever remember. Damn ... what a waste not being able to take advantage of all this pent-up lust!

But all of a sudden our luck began to change ... The eldest daughter announced "I'm bored -- I'm going out shopping...", and within minutes the youngest stopped by to declare "Gotta babysit, Mom. See you later!!" Two down, one to go... Some considerable time elapsed, and we resigned ourselves to the fact that the middle child was home for the duration, and that we would have to settle for a no-release encounter. Not that there's anything wrong with that, mind you - there's no such thing as a wasted hard-on, in my book. And believe me when I tell you that I'm getting it up and keeping it up longer and more often than when I was in my 20's since Jen came along.

But hold on one second -- we start to hear the rattling of car keys in the kitchen - could it be? "Mom, I gotta run out to get my oil changed!" YES!!!!!!! Within minutes, the boy-child is out the door .... and hold on .... do you hear that? Can it be? Yes, I think it is -- SILENCE!!!

So now we start turning up the passion -- we're wildy kissing on the couch, and in no time my hands were on her zipper. I could feel the heat penetrating from between her legs through two layers of clothes, including her jeans, and I just HAD to feel that wetness. Zipper successfully disengaged, I began to finger fuck her but not before I dipped my fingers into her sweet juices and brought them up for us both to taste. Jen and I LOVE kissing each others fingers -- we'll put them in each others mouth and kiss and suck them together -- but add her pussy juices to the mix? Damn .. I'm hard again just writing about it.

After we lick them clean, my fingers dive back under her panties and I finger-fuck her to a bonus orgasm -- an unplanned orgasm we had never expected. I was so thrilled to do this for her, since she's done it for me so many times when her Auntie Flo was in town (Oh yes ... still having "that time of the month" even at age 50+). But Jen may have been sated, but she wasn't done -- she leans over and whispers into my ear "let's go to my room"... And believe me when I tell you, I would have outran Usain Bolt to that bedroom at that point.

No time for total nakedness, as we had no idea when any of the kids would return. So off comes my pants .. my boxers, while Jen madly rips off those jeans. Both of us still have our tops on, but who gives a rats ass? My cock needed that pussy and it needed it NOW!!! "You gonna ride me?" I ask, even though I knew the reply would be "I'd love to baby .. you know that's my favorite". And before you can say FUCK, Jen mounts up and we're fucking like primates ... "Listen to that, baby .. Hear that?" as those wonderfully delicious squishy sounds seem louder than ever as her cunt engulfs and releases my engorged manhood. We start fucking harder .. thrusting faster .. and I'm feeling my load starting to make its way from the nether regions of my balls .. hoping, wanting, to be released it into that hot, sticky pussy when all of a sudden......


We hear the unwelcome slam of a car door -- Jen lifts the shade to peak out the window ... And sure enough, much to our chagrin, not to mention my blue balls -- the shopper-child is home ....

FUCK!!!!!! So close, but yet so far ..

Not always a bed of Roses....

It’s wonderful being in love.. and even more so when that person loves you back. Duh. No brainer right? But, in this world of “sunshine and lollipops” is the reality of.. what if those 2 people aren’t married to .. each other? (Gasp !)

In that case, love is still an amazing thing but, comes with some hard truths. This time of year is especially difficult. Holidays/family time are all very incompatible with the mistress/affair genre. Mark and I are finding that out as we try to survive this first time experiencing it.. I know we aren’t the only ones suffering through this… but, it sure is the loneliest feeling I have ever had.

The difference for me (us) I suppose is… I am single now, my kids are older (21 and up) and I am free to have a normal, loving relationship. Mark on the other hand, is still married, has younger kids (15 and under) and certainly not capable of sharing the holidays with me. SO the words “normal, loving relationship” are just fantasy when you fall in love with a married man.

Soon I face my toughest of challenges… New Years Eve. On that morning, my oldest child will be flying off back to her normal life on the west coast.. my other children will be spending the night celebrating with their special ‘someones’.. Mark will be with his family and friends, ringing in the New Year.. and I.. will probably be sitting at home in front of a fire with a drink, a book and that empty feeling this kind of choice brings at times. My friends will assume I am with spending the evening with Mark because of course, none of them know that he has a wife already.. nor would I admit to them I will be alone. So… this my dear friends and readers… is the not so bright side of being in love.

Why do this to yourself? Good question, so glad you asked. Honestly, sometimes I am not sure I am doing the right thing, for many reasons which we can’t discuss here now. But, I can tell you this, the moment I see him walking towards me…………..

All is right with the world.

Happy New Year to you all… May 2010 bring you good health, happiness and the realization of every dream … Jen

“There may be a few unknowns here, but one thing I DO know - I could do without many things in life with no hardship-- you are not one of them.” ~Mark

Monday, December 28, 2009

Later on we'll conspire ....

So I arrived home Wednesday night, December 23rd, around 1am, after nearly an entire day of passionate lovemaking, wild animal sex, and everything in between with my dear Jen. The wife still happened to be awake watching TV, but no pleasantries were exchanged. I was in no mood to chat, especially with someone who never fails to ruin a good day for me. Besides, I wanted nothing more than to get some sleep before I met Jen at 8am the next morning for some more ...

passionate lovemaking ...
wild animal sex ..
and everything in between.

I awoke a little later than usual Christmas Eve morning -- 6am, and before departing for the hotel I sat down at my laptop to go through some morning email. I couldn't get my mind off the previous day, and after reliving it all in my mind for the umpteenth time, an intense wave of horniness came over me. A little ironic as I wasn't quite sure what to expect, what with 5 or 6 hours of almost non-stop fucking and 5 explosive orgasms under my belt from Wednesday afternoon and evening. Would I be able to get it up again? And if so, was there another drop of cum in me to spare? No matter what, this horny feeling was a damn good start.

Once again, Jen beat me to the hotel and thoughtfully grabbed me some coffee, orange juice and a little something to eat from the breakfast bar. But all that would have to wait... In no time at all I we were in our naked embrace and I was exploring every nook and cranny of Jen's delicious body that is our wonderland... I was MORE than ready this morning, I could just feel it. I started out by ravishing her pussy again with my lips .. and my tongue .. until my aching cock practically demanded to have her mouth on my hardened cock. "I wanna 69 with you, baby ... " I whispered in her ear, and Jen's moans signaled her approval. I flipped on my back, and enjoyed the view as she threw her leg across my torso, exposing that picture-perfect pussy from yet another angle. I propped my head up on a pillow and wildly lapped away at her drenched pussy, gently tugging at her cunt lips with my lips, and using my fingers to stimulate the rosebud that is her ass hole. All this while was Jen sucking hard on my cock ... my balls, and using her fingers to probe my sphincter as well.. I knew by her periodic gasps and moans that she was ready to explode into orgasm..

But then she turned the tables on me. "Fuck my mouth, baby.." and of course I just had to take her up on her delicious offer.. She rolled on her back, then hung her head over the edge of the bed, to which I stepped up and offered the full length of my shaft down her waiting throat. I started slow, but soon accelerated to a constant speed of thrusting into her face. I could feel my balls slapping against her and knowing how this turns Jen on so much, it's all I could do to avoid unleashing my load right then and there.

But no -- I was still hard as a rock, and I had no intention of cumming yet until Jen had her fill. This day was all about HER ... and I was going to make it worth her while.. Now it was time... Time for me to put my hardness where it belonged .. deep inside her steaming wetness. She rolled over on her back and I pulled her to the edge of the bed, pinning her ankles behind her ears, as I began to thrust into her like never before. I love the view and the feeling of domination I get standing next to the bed and fucking her this way, and before long I could see the tears of ecstasy in her eyes as I could feel the tip of my cock hitting that spot deep in her pussy that just drives her so very wild .... At that moment in time, all our senses were playing together .. All those glorious senses that come together to make fucking the captivating experience that it is. The scent of her dripping pussy -- the sounds of us fucking, that squishy, gushy sound we so enjoy as my cock pivots in and out in and out of her wetness -- the sight of my cock head pulling just slightly out of her, and then ramming it back deep inside until you can hear my balls slapping her ass. "Harder babe .. fuck me harder" she demanded, as I continued to pick up the pace... Needless to say, only moments later my knees began to buckle as I unloaded multiple spasms of my hot spunk deep inside her.

Ahhhh, yes... What a splendid way to spend a Christmas Eve morning in this Winter Wonderland that is our northeast homestead. And who better to spend it with then the woman who has captured my heart since late this past summer. But it's a double-edged sword, these holidays. Yes, we cherish every moment of our first Christmas season together, but then again .... it can be downright miserable at times. I'll let Jen elaborate more on this in our next posting...

And lest I forget, for the record: final Orgas-O-Meter totals on our three-part, two-day love fest ... Jen 9, Mark 6.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The walls were shaking, the earth was quaking...

Shook Me All Night Long ... AC/DC

Jen and I were just recapping our wild couple of days together via Yahoo IM, and we were laughing because all the nakedness and the countless orgasms just kind of blended into each other to become a seemingly endless blur of erotic bliss... But I'll do my best to provide MY recap.

After an afternoon of passion described so naughtily by Jen, we needed a little down time, literally and figuratively. I had a "boys night out" planned with guys I went to high school with, a pre-Christmas tradition we've maintained for most of the 32 years since we've graduated. So I stopped at home to have a little dinner and say hello to the wife, a little risky as I still had the taste of Jen's sweet pussy on my lips, and especially on my now sated cock. While I usually shower before I leave any rendezvous with Jen, as I'm typically soaked from head to toe in her delicious cum, this time I passed.. I wanted her scent and her taste to be with me during my time with the boys.

So I met the guys out at a local watering hole around 7pm, and we laughed a lot and reminisced a bit. It always feels good to see old friends, especially during the Christmas season, but I had a little extra jump in my step this time.. After a couple of beers a fresh wave of randiness came over me, and it was time to bid adieu to the boys and head to the hotel to meet Jen for yet another delicious romp.

When I walked into the room, Jen was there on the bed, greeting me wearing nothing but a silky, sexy nightgown. We exchanged some pleasantries, but as always happens when we first greet each other, our tongues are quickly entwined in deep, passionate kisses ... Her moaning, her groaning soon mesmerize me and is all my cock needs to come to full attention. I have never in my life been aroused so easily as I am with Jen, and before long we were rolling around naked on the king-sized bed. We turned the dirty talk up a notch, as we are both aroused to no end to the sounds of "You love sucking my cock, don't you baby?" or "Fuck that juicy pussy of mine .." or my favorite -- "C'mon baby .. shoot that hot load deep inside me ..." After some intense fucking, Jen then decided to finish me off the best way she knows how -- ravishing my cock with her mouth. She went down on me with reckless abandon, sucking my balls, fingering my asshole, and then taking the entire length of my rigid shaft deep into her throat ..

Jen: Are you ready, baby?
Mark: I'm gonna cum, babe ..
Jen: Do you want me to share? I'm usually very selfish ...
Mark: Share it with me baby .. let me taste it ...

And with that I shot spasm after intense spasm of my hot sticky seed into Jen's wanton mouth ... But this time was different .. While she typically will keep fucking me with her mouth, swallowing every delicious silky pearl until my cock is dry, this time she held it there at the base of her throat, as she knew I wanted to kiss her passionately and enjoy some of her prize. I've always fantasized about a cum swap with her and this time we turned fantasy into reality.

After a brief interlude, I longed so desperately to taste my lovers pussy. If there's anything I love to do in this world, it's eating Jen's incredibly good tasting cunt.. I slowly slid down between her legs, and before I dove in, I just had to stop and admire the splendor of her sexy, shaved snatch .. Just drink it all in and behold the beauty that is her pussy. After some light flicks of my tongue around the perimeter of her labia, I slowly started to tongue fuck her. I could tell she was becoming incredibly aroused as the juices were literally pulsating from deep inside her cunt, each explosive wave more flavorsome than the last. I replaced my tongue with my finger, and probed deep inside for that sensitive spot that combined with my tongue on her clit, is a sure-fire way to bring her to a mind blowing orgasm. When I hear "That's it baby -- right there .. oh yes -- don't stop .. Oh, shit!!!" then I know its just a matter of seconds before Jen erupts in an orgasmic frenzy. And sure enough, the walls were shaking in no time.

After another short respite, Jen broke out the toys. Yes, while she was sucking hard on my cock, guaranteeing yet another hard-on for her to ultimately enjoy, she decided to put her friends to work. She reached into her goody bag and grabbed one of our favorite vibrators, and she slowly started working it deep into my ass. While Jen had certainly earned the hard-on, she played with the vibrator pulsating against my sensitive rim, and she soon let me stroke my own cock until I had delivered yet another hot, sticky load into her waiting mouth .. This time Jen enjoyed it all on her own.... After I had come down from this earth shattering and scream-inducing orgasm, I glanced at the clock and it was 12:01a. Time to get home. But it won't be long before we're back at it again, as we have the room booked until the 11am check out time on Christmas Eve day.

Final score on the Orgas-O-Meter for Day 1? Mark 5, Jen 6. And we were just getting warmed up.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

(She says) Our Merry Christmas Rendezvous….

Dec. 23, 2009

I realize we have jumped forward 5 months from how we met to our holiday getaway at the hotel where we first had sex… but, while this was still fresh in my mind I wanted to put down some of the special moments we shared. Mark will be busy with family for the next 2 days so, our communication will be limited and he probably won’t have an opportunity to recap our 2 days of multi-orgasmic pleasure anytime soon.

We headed over to our room around 2 o’clock yesterday… the day was to be split in several meet ups… As soon as we hit the room… we started kissing. I love kissing him, every nerve in my body tingles.. the juices start to flow as soon as he touches me. It didn’t take long before clothes were on the floor (with the exception of my black thigh highs that I wore for him that day) and he was down at my pussy, making me moan and squirm. I know I am pretty vocal and I remember telling him to 'keep doing that' as his tongue found just the right spot. I came so hard I felt my body quake and the wetness I left was dripping.

After a moment to regain some muscle control and all I could think about was my mouth at his cock.

I am one of those women who love, REALLY love.. oral. Not just sucking his cock, but his balls, the perineum (that space under his balls ) and right down to my tongue and finger playing with his ass. The whole anal thing was new to Mark and the sounds he made the first time I made my way down there was something. A touch of surprise coupled with pleasure and uncertainty.. but, he now seems to be a fan. But back to yesterday… my mouth and hand had him hard and ready. I was aching to feel him inside me., (it had been over 2 weeks.. the longest we have gone without since we started). I looked up at him from between his legs and begged him to fuck me. I wanted it, needed it like I never have before… after a little teasing, he let me climb up and rubbed his tip against my dripping wet clit before I positioned myself and slid down on him.

I live for that moment when his cock first spreads me and slips in.. I move oooh so slowly to savor each inch as it pushes up. Needless to say… it didn’t take long before we both came….

And many times in that 2 hour period as he moved back down to service me as only he can do with his tongue and fingers… and then again just fingering… another go at his cock with my mouth and some of the oils and toys I brought got him ready to go again… he pulled me to the end of the bed and bent me over as he drove into me slow and deep, fingers rubbing my already sensitive clit brought on another earth shattering orgasm for me.

I was ready for him to empty again so my mouth went right to work… laying on the bed as he kneeled over me, sliding his hard cock in and out of my mouth at his own pace. That is so hot.. watching and feeling him in control as he fucks my mouth. Didn’t take long before he unloaded deep into my mouth… and man did he have a huge offering for me.

Short rest before we went for another round. Mark doesn’t take long to recover.. and before our 4:30 deadline.. we had both exhausted ourselves. It was wild at times, sensual and sensitive at times and as always, erotic as hell. Looking at the clock.. it was 4:30.. we needed to go tend to the normal day to day but.. we had plans to meet back there later that evening.

And meet we did. I will let Mark tell that part of the story.. but know that.. I went home sore and exhausted, but ready to meet again at 8 am for our final Christmas Celebration.

Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays) all… May all your wishes come true this holiday season…

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thinkin' of you's workin' up my appetite ...

Looking forward to a little afternoon delight...

Starland Vocal Band..

Like I mentioned yesterday, Jen and I have a room reserved at our favorite hotel this afternoon. The hotel where it all started for us back in September, a story which we'll get to in due time ... But anyway, I was making my way into work this morning and we engaged in a little electronic foreplay as we count the minutes until our afternoon rendezvous. Keep in mind it's a little cold here in the east as you read our texts:

Mark: Good morning, my love. It's cold out here! Good day for a little indoor fun.

Jen: Oooh good ... let's stay indoors then and fuck our brains out!!

Mark: Just reading that got me so excited I had to massage myself through my pants. Sounds like you're more than ready to suck and fuck this throbbing cock of mine.

Jen: I have thought of little else since I woke up this morning. Am definitely ready to service that Guy of yours...

Mark: I want you so bad I can almost taste that sweet pussy nectar of yours already. I want to drink in and enjoy every drop of your cum.

Jen: Today is going to be SO great. It amazes me how much I have missed you.

Just a little bit of what's in store today ...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Treasure these few words, Till we're together

Keep all my love forever
P.S. I love you

Mark here... You'll soon discover that I often reference music lyrics in my musings, as I also have been known to do with Jen in our emails. This one is from the Beatles, P.S. I Love You.

This post is a tad out of context, i.e., out of chronological order, but I did promise to post some snippets of Jen's prose .. Nearly every weekday morning for the past 5 months, we've exchanged emails, and because we also spend countless time throughout the day IM'ing, talking on the cell, or meeting for weekday lunch or evening rendezvous', you might ask, why bother with an email? Well, it gives us both a chance to collect our thoughts and put it together in letter form. Just another way to express ourselves .. our passion for each other .. in the written word, as opposed to the more conversational style that is IM.

And like I said, nobody does it like Jen. Here's an excerpt from this morning's email, but first a little background -- yesterday I was at Jen's house for a couple hours in the evening, just laying on the couch watching TV, enjoying each others company. Her kids were home -- so no opportunity to "play" -- but we did manage to squeeze in some good makeout time anyway (50+ years old, and we're still into "heavy petting"! Can you believe it?). And tomorrow, Christmas Eve EVE, we have an afternoon and late evening rendezvous planned at a local hotel. So without further ado, here's Jen reminiscing about last night, and waxing excited about tomorrow...

Last but not least.. tomorrow. I will certainly be counting the hours until tomorrow.After yesterday, touching your hard-on through your pants.. aching to have it all to myself to do with whatever my little heart desires... feeling you touching my breasts as they hardened.. your hand there between my legs hitting those ooooh so sensitive spots.. being able to do that .. naked and alone and uninhibited for the first time in weeks, will be wonderful. I really do long for you, just your kiss melts me.. your eyes on mine bring so many emotions I can't begin to name them... so yes... I will enjoy today with the knowledge of what lies ahead for me tomorrow. For you are my love, my life.. my today.. my tomorrow and my forever... and there is no better gift than that this Christmas.

I do love you Mark.. no truer words have ever come from my lips.

Have I died and gone to heaven, or what????

(She says) Who is this guy????

So yes, I responded that July day to his AM email with.. "lets learn more, shall we" and I think within moments.. (Ok maybe a couple hours) I get the notification in my email that I have AM mail.. As a woman, you get those a lot, so I don't normally jump on to see who from.. but when I did.. LO and BEHOLD.. it was HIM .. and not one email mind you.. there were 2!! One read.. 'if you are reading this first go back and read the other one.' WHAT????? Ok, I do as I am told and open the first one.. reading, laughing, smiling.. he writes well. I am impressed.. he can spell.. put complete sentences and thoughts together .. he is funny.. and obviously has a lot to say. The first email ends with "this 2000 character limit is killing me, I will continue in another email" .. thus Part II. Needless to say.. he left me his yahoo email address to continue correspondence outside the 2000 character limit. SO it continued there.

Mind you, we were in different places in our lives. I was not living with the man I was dating, so I had a lot of freedom. He was (and still) lives with his kids and "the wife" as he refers to her. It's so funny to me that he always calls her 'the wife'instead of MY wife or by her name. It's like his way of not taking ownership of her and I smile everytime I hear him say it. But..back to the story.. quick "readers digest" version as Mark likes to say...
I sent a tester email.. "just checking .. is this you?" and within minutes that morning .. a return email... "yes..." and of course followed in typical Mark style with much more to say. WOW.. that was fast! Does this guy have a computer strapped to his side 24/7? Turns out he does.. in some form or another. Anyway.. those emails did indeed lead us to just exchange chat IDs and we continued witty banter for awhile that morning until "the wife" sat down at the table with him. I sort of panicked and did say goodbye real quick.. HOLY CRAP! Is he nuts? I'm thinking ..who talks to a potential lover while your wife is sitting there sipping coffee and having a conversation with you. Mark does apparently.
Long story, short... I left to play some tennis.. came back later and we chatted on and off the rest of the day. I was drawn... I have to admit.. I wanted more.. and I still had no idea what he even looked like. But that funny story is yet to come..

Off to work.. Mark just called on his way to his job.. so, my morning is off to a good start.. I think I need to have some fun in the shower before work, he gets me so worked up. Damn him.. I love it!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Sunday Will Never Be The Same..

July 19th 2009

So yes .. that sunny July 19th Sunday morning, Jen and I first established contact on Ashley Madison ... Less than a handful of interchanges later, we quickly moved on to our own personal email accounts, and in no time we were Instant Messaging together. And it's still that same Sunday morning!!

Right out of the box, the thing that captivated me most about Jen was her writing style ... It had such a flow to it... A certain sexiness to it that only someone who writes technical prose for a living could appreciate. Perfect grammar, perfect spelling .. Through her musings, I could almost hear her voice and picture her face, and we hadn't yet exchanged photos. A sarcasm-laden humorous side that was cute .. and playful. To this day I've never met anyone that could enthrall me the way she does with the written word. As time goes on and these postings continue, I hope to share excerpts of some of these emails with you. The world needs to know the joy this woman brings to my heart each and every day with her literary skills.

So yes, that first Sunday morning, July 19th, I was seated at my breakfast table -- alone -- as the natives had yet to stir. And the laptop was out and Jen and I were introducing ourselves electronically via Yahoo chat. Right from the word go, we had a real rapport, a genuine chemistry and could have chatted for hours .. Five months later, we still do - never running out of things to discuss .. The day-to-day stuff that is our lives, our passionate love for each other, and better yet, the erotic expression of our desire to make mad, passionate love to each other ... and yes .. our raw primal urges to fuck each others brains out. But that Sunday morning our chat session was in full gear ... until the wife decided to join us. Sure enough she plops her ass right down at the kitchen table sitting directly across from me and facing the back of my laptop. And it wouldn't be a Sunday morning if she wasn't bitching at me for some rhyme or reason, and me being on the computer so early in the morning gave her some decent ammo to run with .. "You practically LIVE on that thing .. you are ruining our marriage!!!" And I'm continuing to type away at my electronic conversation with Jen, but I'm muttering under my breath at this annoying woman who for some God-only-knows reason I agreed to spend the rest of my life with - "You better watch that mouth of yours, bitch ... If I play my cards right, the lady at the end of my fingertips here is going to be sucking my cock dry someday"... I mentioned to Jen that the wife had joined us and *POOF* - she was gone ... A little early in the relationship to be dealing with tyrannical spouses, I guess. I was disappointed to say the least ... Not only did I want to continue the conversation, but for us cheaters there's something inherently sexy about communicating with a potential lover right under your spouses nose ... Little did the wife know ... nor did Jen .. that underneath that kitchen table and through my boxers, I was massaging My Guy, who was now at full attention.

Jens disappearing act didn't last long, and we haven't missed a beat since that morning... How's my cock, you ask? Well, it ain't dry yet .. but that isn't from a lack of trying ....

More ... MUCH more .. on that topic in our postings to cum .....

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ashley Madison.. from the ladies perspective....

After reading Marks version of his AM experience, I felt compelled to tell it from a woman’s side.
I actually do feel bad for men on AM as I think they have us outnumbered somewhere in the ratio of 10:1. That’s got to be tough. But, what does that tell us? There are that many sexually frustrated married men unhappy with their sex lives or lack thereof? Or, is it saying that.. there are that many women who just don’t want to have sex? Or better yet, are there that many women who do enjoy sex but don’t need an internet site to help them find it outside of their marriage? KUDOS ladies if that’s the deal !!! I mean, I think just about any lady can walk into a bar.. sit there alone for a bit and get hit on by at least one guy who would be willing to take her somewhere and show her a good time.

But, back to AM…. Having been on there twice… I can tell you that as a woman you definitely get inundated with emails or “flirts”. I think your profile can read ..
“ Grossly overweight woman with one leg who doesn’t shave (anywhere) or bathe often.. but definitely doesn’t get enough sex at home.. looking for a guy to fulfill and fill all those spaces”.. and she will still get 20 emails a day.
So, how do we choose to which we respond? I’m sure every woman has different criteria for that one. For me, I can tell you this..If you are a smoker, you are automatically off my list.. sending just a wink or flirt.. gets you deleted automatically. If you can’t invest the time or credits to show you’re interested… I have many more to choose from.. If you did take the time to write, you have a foot in the door. From there it’s about what you write and if you sent pics, what kind of pics. Guess what guys… I DON’T want to see pics of your cock in our first email. As much as you may think yours is better than everyone elses… it’s still just a cock. What you say.. and how you say it makes all the difference. If you can’t spell.. I’m already discounting you.. NO, I don’t want to “meat”.. and when you write to tell me you love to cook and travel…Are you going to come over and cook dinner for me and the family??? Or take us on vacation??? Let’s get this straight… This site was developed to help people cheat and find someone who wants and needs the same thing. I want to know about YOU, what makes you, what drives you.. what you are hoping for … are we looking for the same things… and what do YOU look like? Yes folks, looks are important.. and Mark and I have quite the funny story about that as well. For me, a sense of humor and some intelligence was paramount. I know these relationships involve chemistry and there is time spent not having sex, so.. someone I could talk to and laugh with were key.

What happens if you make it to that first meeting? That’s a whole different blog. I’ve had some experiences there as well.

So fellas, I hope you learned something here. Not all of us women want the same thing, which is what makes the world keep turning. But I think the basic criteria is the same for a lot of us ladies. Be honest, be willing to waste a credit and take a chance, have a sense of humor about the whole deal. More importantly, don’t give up and keep an open mind. Five months ago, I was unhappy and getting through the day to day… now.. life has never been better.

Will it always be this good? Stay tuned…………….

Friday, December 18, 2009

My AM story

July 2009

I'll tell my Ashley Madison (AM) story because I'm sure you may be interested in its success rate. A couple of years ago, I signed up for an account but was too cheap to back it with any real cash, and sat back and waited for all the women to fall at my feet begging me to sleep with them. And of course I didn't post a photo, because who the hell would do that??? I mean, isn't that what discretion is all about ? Being discrete? So of course I wouldn't post a pic because I was paranoid that I'd be "outed" by my coworkers, in-laws, or worst of all - the dreaded wife!!!

So like I say -- that was about 2 years ago, and it goes without saying my attempts were fruitless. But I decided to give it another shot, and this time funded it via Paypal, which the wife has limited or no access to. And of course, I spent the $50 minimum, which entitled me to 100 credits. These credits enable you to establish contact with a prospective mistress / lover / cheater - insert your favorite philandering term here - at a cost of 5 credits per message. Once you send a message and a response is returned (good luck with that fellas!!!) you are free to message each other free-of-charge, or better yet, work outside the AM messaging interface, which restricts you to something like 500 characters. So my first contact was with someone named "southerngirl", and it costs me 10 credits because like a moron I inadvertently ordered "Priority Delivery", which places your message at the top of the recipients Inbox, which must be a good thing because evidently the women on AM are getting constantly hit on. Well don't you know, southerngirl responds,we had some email conversations and some Yahoo IM chats, and before you know it she was sending me grainy cell phone videos working her vibrator in and out of her twat. Yes, a real classy broad. I mean, we hadn't even exchanged photos yet!!! So I nipped that relationship in the bud, as she also was reluctant to provide me a good face pic (always wearing sunglasses and no smile), and always prefaced sending me photos with a "You know, I really don't photograph well...." tale of woe... I know most women don't like to have their picture taken, but gee whiz, if you keep telling me you're a mutt at some point I'm going to believe it.

So that was the end of southerngirl, but I still had 90 credits left in the bank. A no-reply here, a rejection there and before you know it I'm down to 70 credits. And now I'm starting to get self-conscious. Why no luck? The worst rejection was by a girl pseudo-named "trippedup". We exchanged a series of 2 or 3 emails, seemed to be establishing a rapport, and then comes the dreaded photo exchange. "I'd love to chat more Mark, but I have a real busy weekend coming up -- talk to you on Monday!!!", was her reply... And Monday never came. Gulp. Talk about a serious ego-deflator....

OK Mark .. let's not get too down on yourself .. take a deep breath .. let's browse these profiles ... yeah, you may be an engineer, but you're still not the classic geek ...Let's give this "world_wide_wonder" a try ....... Type my intro, hit "Submit", account debited 5 credits ....

And five months later, I still have 65 credits in my account... Game. Set. Match.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

My turn

As promised, this blog will come from 2 different perspectives. You have met Mark and know how his side of the story brought us together.. now, it's my turn. My name is Jen.. an over 50, divorced mother of 3 grown children. Just freshly divorced, I started dating sporatically. During the course of my dating .. I had met a few men but found it unfulfilling. I was somewhat happy having my freedom after 25 years of marriage but, still missed the physical part of a relationship with a man.

Going back a bit...In my marriage, I allowed myself to be very controlled and grew to be so unhappy that, I considered life to be more of a sentence then a blessing. Eventually, seeking validation and sex.. I found Ashley Madison. Met a great man who made me feel like I was deserving of so much more than I had. He helped me find the sexual woman I had underneath that sad little girl I had become. But, although that relationship ended due to location issues.. it gave me strength and power to leave my misery and begin life anew.

Sometime later,after the divorce.. I met a sweet guy (we will call him D).. he made me laugh and didn't seem to ask much of my time.. at least in the beginnng. After we were dating for a couple months.. he got very ill and ended up in the hospital. D needed me. I took care of him.. and he grew to depend on me. He had lots of problems and my relationship became one of compassion rather than caring. D was a great guy. but.. I felt stuck.. and I just couldn't walk away because I knew he needed me. Our physical relationship went from seldom to none. I was torn.. it wasn't great to start with but not having any? I was frustrated. What do I do? ahhhh yes, Ashley. Always men there who were looking for a lady to have a physical relationship with.. and no strings. SO.. I created my profile. After a few months and many emails and a couple subsequent meetings that resulted in not feeling the "chemistry".. I decided to quit looking for the summer and concentrate my frustrations on my tennis and bike riding. I still cared for D, and although I didn't love him, I knew I could get through the summer without sex and focus on other activities with D.

I didn't remove my AM profile.. but, when I would get emails.. I would just respond with "sorry, I met someone and seeing where it goes". It saved a lot of questions and allowed me to keep the profile up. One day.. I got an email that caught my attention. Not the usual.. "hey you seem like just what I'm looking for.. wanna meet" email.. but an actual letter .. funny, interesting and intriguing.It ended with
"I'd enjoy hearing more from you. And I'd be more than happy to provide you a pic after an email or two, just till I can convince myself you're not a) my neighbor, b) my wife -- UGH!!! or c) the woman that works in the office next to me. Yeah, maybe I'm a little paranoid, but you never know with these things!!!

Hope you're having a good day, and I hope to hear more from you."

I responded, but not with my usual "sorry" story.. I was interested and responded by telling him I was sort of planning on staying off the market for the summer but, he had touched something in me that wanted to know, we started to email and that my friends, is how Mark and I found each other..

But as he says.. that is just the beginning of our "once upon a time..." fairy tale.

Introducing Mark

July, 2009

Hi. My name is Mark and let me tell you how this all began. Like so many men my age, just turned 50 and still with relatively young children at home, my love life .. yes, my sex life ... was non-existent. While I wasn't necessarily interested in changing my home situation, I needed to have that intimacy again that can only be afforded by a woman ... But not just any "intimacy" .. no, I wasn't particularly interested in "making love"... Better yet, I wanted to fuck!! And fuck hard ... and fuck often ... If I was going to do this, the sex HAD to be good ...

And so I turned to Ashley Madison. Looking for a woman that was in a similar situation, and one that had as much to lose as I did .. You know, reverse Tiger Rules .. You want and need to "cheat up" .. Although I wonder how Tiger could ever "cheat up"...

But more than the sex, I did want to find someone that I could eventually fall back on when my marriage inevitably collapsed. You see, I just could never imagine living in the same house with the wife after the kids are up and gone ... To me, that would be unbearable.. So my plan was to find a woman to have sex with, and perhaps 2, 3, or 5 years down the road we'd look into each others eyes after a mind-blowing orgasm and say "Hey, wait a minute .. I really, REALLY like you!!"

So I went to Ashley Madison looking for some mind-blowing, earth-moving sex .. And what did I find, you ask? Well, mind-blowing, earth-moving sex. And oh so much more than that ....

And that's where the story begins .....