Monday, December 28, 2009

Later on we'll conspire ....

So I arrived home Wednesday night, December 23rd, around 1am, after nearly an entire day of passionate lovemaking, wild animal sex, and everything in between with my dear Jen. The wife still happened to be awake watching TV, but no pleasantries were exchanged. I was in no mood to chat, especially with someone who never fails to ruin a good day for me. Besides, I wanted nothing more than to get some sleep before I met Jen at 8am the next morning for some more ...

passionate lovemaking ...
wild animal sex ..
and everything in between.

I awoke a little later than usual Christmas Eve morning -- 6am, and before departing for the hotel I sat down at my laptop to go through some morning email. I couldn't get my mind off the previous day, and after reliving it all in my mind for the umpteenth time, an intense wave of horniness came over me. A little ironic as I wasn't quite sure what to expect, what with 5 or 6 hours of almost non-stop fucking and 5 explosive orgasms under my belt from Wednesday afternoon and evening. Would I be able to get it up again? And if so, was there another drop of cum in me to spare? No matter what, this horny feeling was a damn good start.

Once again, Jen beat me to the hotel and thoughtfully grabbed me some coffee, orange juice and a little something to eat from the breakfast bar. But all that would have to wait... In no time at all I we were in our naked embrace and I was exploring every nook and cranny of Jen's delicious body that is our wonderland... I was MORE than ready this morning, I could just feel it. I started out by ravishing her pussy again with my lips .. and my tongue .. until my aching cock practically demanded to have her mouth on my hardened cock. "I wanna 69 with you, baby ... " I whispered in her ear, and Jen's moans signaled her approval. I flipped on my back, and enjoyed the view as she threw her leg across my torso, exposing that picture-perfect pussy from yet another angle. I propped my head up on a pillow and wildly lapped away at her drenched pussy, gently tugging at her cunt lips with my lips, and using my fingers to stimulate the rosebud that is her ass hole. All this while was Jen sucking hard on my cock ... my balls, and using her fingers to probe my sphincter as well.. I knew by her periodic gasps and moans that she was ready to explode into orgasm..

But then she turned the tables on me. "Fuck my mouth, baby.." and of course I just had to take her up on her delicious offer.. She rolled on her back, then hung her head over the edge of the bed, to which I stepped up and offered the full length of my shaft down her waiting throat. I started slow, but soon accelerated to a constant speed of thrusting into her face. I could feel my balls slapping against her and knowing how this turns Jen on so much, it's all I could do to avoid unleashing my load right then and there.

But no -- I was still hard as a rock, and I had no intention of cumming yet until Jen had her fill. This day was all about HER ... and I was going to make it worth her while.. Now it was time... Time for me to put my hardness where it belonged .. deep inside her steaming wetness. She rolled over on her back and I pulled her to the edge of the bed, pinning her ankles behind her ears, as I began to thrust into her like never before. I love the view and the feeling of domination I get standing next to the bed and fucking her this way, and before long I could see the tears of ecstasy in her eyes as I could feel the tip of my cock hitting that spot deep in her pussy that just drives her so very wild .... At that moment in time, all our senses were playing together .. All those glorious senses that come together to make fucking the captivating experience that it is. The scent of her dripping pussy -- the sounds of us fucking, that squishy, gushy sound we so enjoy as my cock pivots in and out in and out of her wetness -- the sight of my cock head pulling just slightly out of her, and then ramming it back deep inside until you can hear my balls slapping her ass. "Harder babe .. fuck me harder" she demanded, as I continued to pick up the pace... Needless to say, only moments later my knees began to buckle as I unloaded multiple spasms of my hot spunk deep inside her.

Ahhhh, yes... What a splendid way to spend a Christmas Eve morning in this Winter Wonderland that is our northeast homestead. And who better to spend it with then the woman who has captured my heart since late this past summer. But it's a double-edged sword, these holidays. Yes, we cherish every moment of our first Christmas season together, but then again .... it can be downright miserable at times. I'll let Jen elaborate more on this in our next posting...

And lest I forget, for the record: final Orgas-O-Meter totals on our three-part, two-day love fest ... Jen 9, Mark 6.


  1. This is so very erotic. I am enjoying reading about your passion together. I look forward to more.

  2. Thank you for reading and stopping by. Feel free to comment anytime, we love knowing people are sharing our story as it unfolds.

    Thanks again! M&J


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