Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Coitus Interruptus

Yesterday afternoon I stopped at Jen's house for a little couch cuddling. With her kids being home on break from school, we anticipated just a leisurely day of chatting and channel surfing for Cash Cab, with perhaps an opportunity or two to steal a few sloppy, passionate kisses when the kids were out of the room.

Turns out there was PLENTY of makeout time, and we both found ourselves overly aroused, as we always do during our couch sessions. But this time the kisses were sloppier, the hard-on harder, and the pussy wetter then either of us ever remember. Damn ... what a waste not being able to take advantage of all this pent-up lust!

But all of a sudden our luck began to change ... The eldest daughter announced "I'm bored -- I'm going out shopping...", and within minutes the youngest stopped by to declare "Gotta babysit, Mom. See you later!!" Two down, one to go... Some considerable time elapsed, and we resigned ourselves to the fact that the middle child was home for the duration, and that we would have to settle for a no-release encounter. Not that there's anything wrong with that, mind you - there's no such thing as a wasted hard-on, in my book. And believe me when I tell you that I'm getting it up and keeping it up longer and more often than when I was in my 20's since Jen came along.

But hold on one second -- we start to hear the rattling of car keys in the kitchen - could it be? "Mom, I gotta run out to get my oil changed!" YES!!!!!!! Within minutes, the boy-child is out the door .... and hold on .... do you hear that? Can it be? Yes, I think it is -- SILENCE!!!

So now we start turning up the passion -- we're wildy kissing on the couch, and in no time my hands were on her zipper. I could feel the heat penetrating from between her legs through two layers of clothes, including her jeans, and I just HAD to feel that wetness. Zipper successfully disengaged, I began to finger fuck her but not before I dipped my fingers into her sweet juices and brought them up for us both to taste. Jen and I LOVE kissing each others fingers -- we'll put them in each others mouth and kiss and suck them together -- but add her pussy juices to the mix? Damn .. I'm hard again just writing about it.

After we lick them clean, my fingers dive back under her panties and I finger-fuck her to a bonus orgasm -- an unplanned orgasm we had never expected. I was so thrilled to do this for her, since she's done it for me so many times when her Auntie Flo was in town (Oh yes ... still having "that time of the month" even at age 50+). But Jen may have been sated, but she wasn't done -- she leans over and whispers into my ear "let's go to my room"... And believe me when I tell you, I would have outran Usain Bolt to that bedroom at that point.

No time for total nakedness, as we had no idea when any of the kids would return. So off comes my pants .. my boxers, while Jen madly rips off those jeans. Both of us still have our tops on, but who gives a rats ass? My cock needed that pussy and it needed it NOW!!! "You gonna ride me?" I ask, even though I knew the reply would be "I'd love to baby .. you know that's my favorite". And before you can say FUCK, Jen mounts up and we're fucking like primates ... "Listen to that, baby .. Hear that?" as those wonderfully delicious squishy sounds seem louder than ever as her cunt engulfs and releases my engorged manhood. We start fucking harder .. thrusting faster .. and I'm feeling my load starting to make its way from the nether regions of my balls .. hoping, wanting, to be released it into that hot, sticky pussy when all of a sudden......


We hear the unwelcome slam of a car door -- Jen lifts the shade to peak out the window ... And sure enough, much to our chagrin, not to mention my blue balls -- the shopper-child is home ....

FUCK!!!!!! So close, but yet so far ..

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