Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thinkin' of you's workin' up my appetite ...

Looking forward to a little afternoon delight...

Starland Vocal Band..

Like I mentioned yesterday, Jen and I have a room reserved at our favorite hotel this afternoon. The hotel where it all started for us back in September, a story which we'll get to in due time ... But anyway, I was making my way into work this morning and we engaged in a little electronic foreplay as we count the minutes until our afternoon rendezvous. Keep in mind it's a little cold here in the east as you read our texts:

Mark: Good morning, my love. It's cold out here! Good day for a little indoor fun.

Jen: Oooh good ... let's stay indoors then and fuck our brains out!!

Mark: Just reading that got me so excited I had to massage myself through my pants. Sounds like you're more than ready to suck and fuck this throbbing cock of mine.

Jen: I have thought of little else since I woke up this morning. Am definitely ready to service that Guy of yours...

Mark: I want you so bad I can almost taste that sweet pussy nectar of yours already. I want to drink in and enjoy every drop of your cum.

Jen: Today is going to be SO great. It amazes me how much I have missed you.

Just a little bit of what's in store today ...

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  1. Mark...And in less than 6 hours, I will make good on all those thoughts and promises .. I am so looking forward to working on that "drying you out" .. soon babe.. soon. (Jen)


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