Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Treasure these few words, Till we're together

Keep all my love forever
P.S. I love you

Mark here... You'll soon discover that I often reference music lyrics in my musings, as I also have been known to do with Jen in our emails. This one is from the Beatles, P.S. I Love You.

This post is a tad out of context, i.e., out of chronological order, but I did promise to post some snippets of Jen's prose .. Nearly every weekday morning for the past 5 months, we've exchanged emails, and because we also spend countless time throughout the day IM'ing, talking on the cell, or meeting for weekday lunch or evening rendezvous', you might ask, why bother with an email? Well, it gives us both a chance to collect our thoughts and put it together in letter form. Just another way to express ourselves .. our passion for each other .. in the written word, as opposed to the more conversational style that is IM.

And like I said, nobody does it like Jen. Here's an excerpt from this morning's email, but first a little background -- yesterday I was at Jen's house for a couple hours in the evening, just laying on the couch watching TV, enjoying each others company. Her kids were home -- so no opportunity to "play" -- but we did manage to squeeze in some good makeout time anyway (50+ years old, and we're still into "heavy petting"! Can you believe it?). And tomorrow, Christmas Eve EVE, we have an afternoon and late evening rendezvous planned at a local hotel. So without further ado, here's Jen reminiscing about last night, and waxing excited about tomorrow...

Last but not least.. tomorrow. I will certainly be counting the hours until tomorrow.After yesterday, touching your hard-on through your pants.. aching to have it all to myself to do with whatever my little heart desires... feeling you touching my breasts as they hardened.. your hand there between my legs hitting those ooooh so sensitive spots.. being able to do that .. naked and alone and uninhibited for the first time in weeks, will be wonderful. I really do long for you, just your kiss melts me.. your eyes on mine bring so many emotions I can't begin to name them... so yes... I will enjoy today with the knowledge of what lies ahead for me tomorrow. For you are my love, my life.. my today.. my tomorrow and my forever... and there is no better gift than that this Christmas.

I do love you Mark.. no truer words have ever come from my lips.

Have I died and gone to heaven, or what????

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  1. Sigh. Such beautiful words. They sounds so familiar as Daniel and I share a connection as intense as this.


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