Tuesday, December 22, 2009

(She says) Who is this guy????

So yes, I responded that July day to his AM email with.. "lets learn more, shall we" and I think within moments.. (Ok maybe a couple hours) I get the notification in my email that I have AM mail.. As a woman, you get those a lot, so I don't normally jump on to see who from.. but when I did.. LO and BEHOLD.. it was HIM .. and not one email mind you.. there were 2!! One read.. 'if you are reading this first go back and read the other one.' WHAT????? Ok, I do as I am told and open the first one.. reading, laughing, smiling.. he writes well. I am impressed.. he can spell.. put complete sentences and thoughts together .. he is funny.. and obviously has a lot to say. The first email ends with "this 2000 character limit is killing me, I will continue in another email" .. thus Part II. Needless to say.. he left me his yahoo email address to continue correspondence outside the 2000 character limit. SO it continued there.

Mind you, we were in different places in our lives. I was not living with the man I was dating, so I had a lot of freedom. He was (and still) lives with his kids and "the wife" as he refers to her. It's so funny to me that he always calls her 'the wife'instead of MY wife or by her name. It's like his way of not taking ownership of her and I smile everytime I hear him say it. But..back to the story.. quick "readers digest" version as Mark likes to say...
I sent a tester email.. "just checking .. is this you?" and within minutes that morning .. a return email... "yes..." and of course followed in typical Mark style with much more to say. WOW.. that was fast! Does this guy have a computer strapped to his side 24/7? Turns out he does.. in some form or another. Anyway.. those emails did indeed lead us to just exchange chat IDs and we continued witty banter for awhile that morning until "the wife" sat down at the table with him. I sort of panicked and did say goodbye real quick.. HOLY CRAP! Is he nuts? I'm thinking ..who talks to a potential lover while your wife is sitting there sipping coffee and having a conversation with you. Mark does apparently.
Long story, short... I left to play some tennis.. came back later and we chatted on and off the rest of the day. I was drawn... I have to admit.. I wanted more.. and I still had no idea what he even looked like. But that funny story is yet to come..

Off to work.. Mark just called on his way to his job.. so, my morning is off to a good start.. I think I need to have some fun in the shower before work, he gets me so worked up. Damn him.. I love it!

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