Saturday, December 26, 2009

The walls were shaking, the earth was quaking...

Shook Me All Night Long ... AC/DC

Jen and I were just recapping our wild couple of days together via Yahoo IM, and we were laughing because all the nakedness and the countless orgasms just kind of blended into each other to become a seemingly endless blur of erotic bliss... But I'll do my best to provide MY recap.

After an afternoon of passion described so naughtily by Jen, we needed a little down time, literally and figuratively. I had a "boys night out" planned with guys I went to high school with, a pre-Christmas tradition we've maintained for most of the 32 years since we've graduated. So I stopped at home to have a little dinner and say hello to the wife, a little risky as I still had the taste of Jen's sweet pussy on my lips, and especially on my now sated cock. While I usually shower before I leave any rendezvous with Jen, as I'm typically soaked from head to toe in her delicious cum, this time I passed.. I wanted her scent and her taste to be with me during my time with the boys.

So I met the guys out at a local watering hole around 7pm, and we laughed a lot and reminisced a bit. It always feels good to see old friends, especially during the Christmas season, but I had a little extra jump in my step this time.. After a couple of beers a fresh wave of randiness came over me, and it was time to bid adieu to the boys and head to the hotel to meet Jen for yet another delicious romp.

When I walked into the room, Jen was there on the bed, greeting me wearing nothing but a silky, sexy nightgown. We exchanged some pleasantries, but as always happens when we first greet each other, our tongues are quickly entwined in deep, passionate kisses ... Her moaning, her groaning soon mesmerize me and is all my cock needs to come to full attention. I have never in my life been aroused so easily as I am with Jen, and before long we were rolling around naked on the king-sized bed. We turned the dirty talk up a notch, as we are both aroused to no end to the sounds of "You love sucking my cock, don't you baby?" or "Fuck that juicy pussy of mine .." or my favorite -- "C'mon baby .. shoot that hot load deep inside me ..." After some intense fucking, Jen then decided to finish me off the best way she knows how -- ravishing my cock with her mouth. She went down on me with reckless abandon, sucking my balls, fingering my asshole, and then taking the entire length of my rigid shaft deep into her throat ..

Jen: Are you ready, baby?
Mark: I'm gonna cum, babe ..
Jen: Do you want me to share? I'm usually very selfish ...
Mark: Share it with me baby .. let me taste it ...

And with that I shot spasm after intense spasm of my hot sticky seed into Jen's wanton mouth ... But this time was different .. While she typically will keep fucking me with her mouth, swallowing every delicious silky pearl until my cock is dry, this time she held it there at the base of her throat, as she knew I wanted to kiss her passionately and enjoy some of her prize. I've always fantasized about a cum swap with her and this time we turned fantasy into reality.

After a brief interlude, I longed so desperately to taste my lovers pussy. If there's anything I love to do in this world, it's eating Jen's incredibly good tasting cunt.. I slowly slid down between her legs, and before I dove in, I just had to stop and admire the splendor of her sexy, shaved snatch .. Just drink it all in and behold the beauty that is her pussy. After some light flicks of my tongue around the perimeter of her labia, I slowly started to tongue fuck her. I could tell she was becoming incredibly aroused as the juices were literally pulsating from deep inside her cunt, each explosive wave more flavorsome than the last. I replaced my tongue with my finger, and probed deep inside for that sensitive spot that combined with my tongue on her clit, is a sure-fire way to bring her to a mind blowing orgasm. When I hear "That's it baby -- right there .. oh yes -- don't stop .. Oh, shit!!!" then I know its just a matter of seconds before Jen erupts in an orgasmic frenzy. And sure enough, the walls were shaking in no time.

After another short respite, Jen broke out the toys. Yes, while she was sucking hard on my cock, guaranteeing yet another hard-on for her to ultimately enjoy, she decided to put her friends to work. She reached into her goody bag and grabbed one of our favorite vibrators, and she slowly started working it deep into my ass. While Jen had certainly earned the hard-on, she played with the vibrator pulsating against my sensitive rim, and she soon let me stroke my own cock until I had delivered yet another hot, sticky load into her waiting mouth .. This time Jen enjoyed it all on her own.... After I had come down from this earth shattering and scream-inducing orgasm, I glanced at the clock and it was 12:01a. Time to get home. But it won't be long before we're back at it again, as we have the room booked until the 11am check out time on Christmas Eve day.

Final score on the Orgas-O-Meter for Day 1? Mark 5, Jen 6. And we were just getting warmed up.

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