Wednesday, April 28, 2010

HNT.. ohhhh my

Just a snippet of our home made video...............

Ohhhh, I remember what he was doing down there very well.

Happy HNT all !

Don't Make Me Do it Without the Fez On

The past week or so, a few of our blogger friends have posted their condom stories, specifically Frances and Daniel at 29 Pearls and Chloe at the Unfaithful Soccer Mom. Well alas, we have a story of our own to tell.

Jen and I were IM'ing one night a week or two into our soon-to-be-torrid relationship. And she said to me "You know, if we take this to the next level, we're going to have to discuss birth control. I can still get pregnant." Well, I almost fell out of bed when I read that. First of all, I had COMPLETELY forgotten that this sex thing was originally designed for procreation. Shocked is too mild a word. And second of all, The Wife being an ultra right-wing Catholic, birth control was strictly taboo and a mortal sin just to consider it! Never, EVER broach the birth control topic with a right-of-the-Pope Catholic, folks!! So I laughed and replied to Jen that if The Wife were ever to find out about our affair, she'd be more furious that I used birth control than of the affair itself!

So anyway, I volunteered to take on the responsibility and told Jen I'd buy some condoms. But under NO CIRCUMSTANCES was I walking into the local drug store or supermarket and plunking those bad boys down on the counter. Heck, one of The Wife's church cronies could be standing in line behind me! No, I took to Google Shopping and found a vendor that would take Paypal, and ship them to me at my work address in a discrete, unmarked package. But, oh -- the decisions I had to make. Lubricated? Non-lubricated? Ribbed? Nahhhh... But wait -- better super-size it!!! (wink, wink). But after much stress and Google searches of the pro's and con's of each feature, the order was in and we awaited shipment.

Now keep in mind, we held off our sexual activity awaiting condom procurement. Like a good, responsible adulterer should. So we patiently waited and after a week or two, the much anticipated shipment had arrived!!! Book the hotel, babe -- the time has come!! So we arranged for our Friday morning get-together at a local hotel (for full details read here). And we reminded each other 15 times in the days leading up to that morning "Whatever we do, DON'T FORGET THE CONDOMS!" So I packed a few in my computer case (a half dozen oughtta cover it for the morning, I thought -- tee-hee), and before you know it were we rolling naked on the bed, Jen had delivered her first blow job, penetration was imminent .... AND ..........

...we never took 'em outta the computer case. Poor condoms - they were pissed.

Nope, we never used a one. Yes, we've dabbled with them since, specifically for our backyard partying or just because they were there, but I think I still have 90% of them left. All that anxiety leading up to their purchase and delivery -- WEEKS worth, I tell you ... and now those poor fellas just lie there in Jen's nightstand waiting for their chance to perform...

Make us an offer ... we'll ship them to you discretely....

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The beauty of normal....

With most of Marks family out of town, we took the day yesterday to do something we don't often get to do. Spend a "day" together as couple.. out in public. Of course we drove an hour out of town to be able to do that.. but, it was a great day in so many ways. The weather was perfect, the locale (a state park.. see pics below)was gorgeous, the freedom to just "be" was the best part of all.

Days like this leave me with mixed emotions. It feels so amazing to be "out" and able to feel like a normal couple.. but then you return home and the reality of how NOT normal you are creeps in. We hiked for hours (reminding me what terrible shape I have gotten in over the winter months).. then settled in on a blanket for a picnic lunch.. reminiscent of our first few months of time together when we would meet for lunch in a local park a couple times a week. We laugh about how comfortable we are together (after Mark pulls his cock out in the middle of the park with people not far away to 'show me this "little mark" on his dick' ) how we can just talk about anything or feel free to sing together in the car.

I love this man more than I have ever loved any. We make these sacrifices to spend time together and days like yesterday.. remind me how it isn't all about the sex (although I did manage an open air blow job after we moved our blanket to a less busy locale). I long for the days when we can do these things whenever we want, without endless plotting, lying or guilt. I treasure the memories and the pics of the day... but tears flow as I look at them or as I type about it.

Mark is the "glass half full" kind of guy, as you can see.. I am the worrier, the scared one. Being in a somewhat abusive marriage for 20 something years, I have learned to turn off any emotion when it gets too painful. It's how we survive. I am struggling to not shut down and keep my eye on the future. Life has much to offer. The beauty that is out there and the happiness I long for are within reach.

Yesterday... was a small glimpse into what life can be like...

... if I can just hang on.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

HNT - "Behind" the scenes !

Well Mark has certainly been willing to experiment and let me have some fun with my tongue, fingers and toys. He's been a good sport and actually has come to enjoy my undying attention to his oh so adorable butt. I love to squeeze it every chance I get. I admit to the occasional slap as I play back there.. or grabbing him as I try to pull him in even deeper as we fuck. It is true, his posterior gets a lot of my time. I just love it. So, I am going to share it with you.. here is a pic of Mark in the silk robe I bought him for Christmas.. laying ready and giving me free reign to do as I want.. OH WHAT FUN !!!!!

Happy HNT... don't forget to visit Obasso and see who else is playing !

Daydreams about night things in the middle of the afternoon..

We promised to keep you updated on how our week of "alone time" was progressing... Well, I awoke to this in my Inbox from Jen this morning .... I'll let YOU be the judge...

Morning darling,

I not long ago got off the phone with you and then I lay back down in bed and started thinking about our night together. You would think that after cumming 4 times last night I would be sated enough.. but, just laying there thinking about how hot the whole night was... i reached down to rub a bit and already found myself wet, just from thinking about it. I of course couldn't stop there.. once i felt how wet I was, I had to keep playing.. so with my eyes closed, I let my fingers get to work. I just thought about how hot it was on my knees as you fucked my mouth... laying at the end of the bed with my legs up over my head as your cock plowed so deep inside me making me cum... moving up and just fucking until you made me cum again and again.. my clit so sensitive at that point that, just the slightest touch got me going.. As I lay here reliving that and rubbing my fingers against my clit I felt myself ready to cum.. and cum I did with the image of us deep in love making,,,

mmmmmmmmm I love waking with you, even in my thoughts.

Friday, April 16, 2010

NOW we're talking turnabout ....

Back in March, Jen celebrated her 100th orgasm since we've been together. You can read about that one here. Almost one month later, it was my turn last evening.

We got the chance for a little alone time at Jen's house last night, and before you know it she had my cock just bulging and longing to escape from my Dockers. It doesn't take much folks - a few of her tender strokes along the length of my manhood, even with a couple layers of cotton separating me from her fingers and I'm ready for action. I closed my eyes, leaned my head back and just enjoyed her teasing, but there's no better sound than that familiar zzzzppppppppp as she slowly tugged at my zipper. Music to my ears!

But here's where it got interesting ... Once my cock was free from its cage, she licked her fingers and circled them around the tip, getting it all nice and shiny moist. Stroking the shaft to spread out the wetness .. I was going bonkers with delight. And then it happened... Tell me if this ever happened to you, fellas... I had only what I can describe as a mini-orgasm. A few drops of cum started oozing from the tip ... and it was more than just precum. The creamy stuff -- not of the clear precum variety. But the more she squeezed, the more drops that would spill out. And the more she stroked, the more lathered my cock became. And the hottest moment of all was when she put a nice thick layer of it on her fingertip and brought it up to BOTH our mouths. Both of us hungrily lapping up the tasty goo off her index finger...

You have no idea how turned on I was by all this.. "Don't you want this hard cock inside you, baby?" I offered. "Well, I'm actually enjoying myself quite nicely, but thank you..." she replied. Can you believe it???? Where did I find this woman??? A woman who so desires to please her man that she will sacrifice her own orgasm just for my pleasure.. So needless to say I took her up on her offer and in no time her head was eagerly bobbing up and down on my shaft. 30 seconds later, I had the most amazing oral-gasm ever, shooting round after round of tasty juice down her throat. I thought it would never stop.....

So let's hear it for 100 orgasms! And for those of you keeping score at home, Jen's at 114. I'm lagging at just about the right pace, don't ya think girls?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

HNT - Lights, camera ....


Experimenting with our electronic toys ...
Camcorder, Laptop, Photoshop
Need more practice!

Happy HNT everyone!

and HAPPY BIRTHDAY OS!! stop by and wish him one.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mornings are for lovemaking

After business had kept us separated for nearly a week, Jen and I had some catching up to do over the past few days. Upon her return from the airport Friday afternoon, we had that type of frantic, no words were spoken, I-need-to-have-my-hands-and-tongue-all-over-you-right-now kind of sex. Deliciously hot, incredibly passionate .... Have you noticed lately how there's been a thread of discussion on the fine art of blowjobs and swallowing amongst our circle of blog friends over the past week or so? Well, maybe it was the excitement over all that juicy talk, but Jen delivered two of the finest blowjobs this cock has ever had the pleasure of experiencing - one Friday afternoon as a Round 2 bonus, and then again Saturday morning. Keep those naughty thoughts coming bloggers! It's certainly paying dividends on this end!

But yesterday we had a chance to spend the early morning hours together. My love for morning sex is well documented, and I managed to sneak over to Jen's house for a 7am rendezvous. We spent the first hour lustily ravishing each other's fully-clothed bodies, as we waited for her eldest offspring to prepare and leave for his workday. So needless to say, we were worked up beyond comprehension. The minute the car door slammed and the boy was out the door, the clothes were off and we embarked on a solid hour of steamy sex ... But this one wasn't about the orgas-o-meter .... this was about licking, tasting, tonguing, feeling, exploring every inch of each others naked bodies. Getting ourselves so worked up that when the orgasm inevitably came, it would be explosively mind-blowing. It had been well over a week since I had tasted her pussy, and when I went down there I had never felt it so wet before. And this time her juices were different .. thicker .. creamier ... I buried my face in there like never before, but I was so amazed by this new-found wetness, I had to share it with Jen. "Taste this baby ... this is incredible.." I whispered as I crawled up to her lips to give her a deep passionate kiss of her creamy wetness. But I wasn't finished -- after teasing her by slipping the tip of my cock into her cunt as I crawled up to kiss her, I pulled out to go back down to finish eating her until she rocked me with a thigh-clenching orgasm.

After that, she sucked my cock like she hadn't sucked a cock for years. Hungrily licking, stroking, circling her tongue around my tip to lap up any precum that might be left. My hardness was striking .. So many times I wanted to explode right then and there, but no -- we weren't stopping until I buried my cock deep inside her. And that I did .. I rolled her over missionary style and slowly started pumping away ... Very slowly .. I was right on the edge and I had to pull back a time or two to get me by the point of no return. But I ultimately picked up the pace .. the moans .. the groans .. staring into each others eyes as we celebrated our love ... yes .. making love .... long, hard strokes .. short, sweet strokes ... fucking .. kissing ... tongues tangled together ...

Then Jen took control.... she flipped me over, groaning "it's my turn to ride your fucking cock, baby .." And ride she did .. skillfully maneuvering herself into a position where my cock was grinding perfectly against her clit until first she exploded into orgasm, soon followed by my release of what seemed like pints of pent-up cum....

Needless to say, we're back in the groove again ... And looking forward to next week when The Wife and two of my kids take off on vacation ... leaving Jen and I plenty of "us" time.....

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Turn about is fair play...

Well, I made it home.. safe and sound and within hours of arriving, got to feel Marks arms around me, his lips on mine and that sparkle that is in each of our eyes as we stare at each other makes me smile larger than I ever thought possible. We even had the chance to make love despite the fact that one of the kids was home. Trust me though, we are not good with 'quiet' and it took all we had to keep our voices down. We do love to talk dirty and it was actually pretty sensual doing it in soft toned down whispers. But, the feeling of him slipping into my soaked, aching pussy felt so wonderful after our time apart, if the house were empty I think a few of the neighbors may have heard that moan.

Mark told me after I finally got online while I was away that he had shared my email with you all, our friends and supporters.. and I have no problem with that. I think that we all have a crazy bond we have formed and I love that we can share our bad days and good days with those who seem to care.

Today being a Sunday, is usually our day apart. I often spend the morning rereading some of our past emails and since he shared some of my emails I thought I would give you snippets of what made me fall for this amazing guy:

This is from about 2 months in and the day before our first time having sex. You can see Mark's sense of humor here in this small piece of his email:

So anyway, we're down to 24 hours. I can't ever remember looking forward to something so much as I am this.. And I typically don't like to do that, i.e., "over anticipate", because generally when you do that, there tends to be a letdown. But I just can't see that happening this time ... I really think this is going to turn out even better than we could ever dream. That's the way everything has gone so far with us -- why would THIS change? I'm so confident it won't.

So, OK -- I confess -- I did a little youporn surfing this morning ... It's been so long since I've had sex I needed a little refresher course. You know, what exactly are we supposed to do again? Why don't these people have any clothes on? Oh, so THAT's what that thing between my legs is for! However, after a couple of 4 minute videos, I think I've got it down pat.

..and then this one that literally made me laugh out loud as I was reading. Needless to say, this man's libido is always running on high:

Thankfully, as I crawled into bed last night, the wife turned on her side and went to sleep.. So I figure, here's my opportunity to relieve myself of this all-day hard-on, thinking of my incredibly sexy girlfriend and the things she has done and wants to do for me.. But first .. hold on a second .. there's this Sports Illustrated article I want to read .. It's nice and quiet, everyone's asleep, the TV is off -- all you could hear is the chirping of the crickets. I figured I'd read the article, then start jimmy'n my jimmy and descend into a deep sleep of orgasmic bliss...

Bad mistake.. I don't think I got through one paragraph and I was dead to the world. But I did sleep better than I ever have .. Sound sleep right through until the alarm went off.. I don't even remember getting up to go to the bathroom ... which is highly unusual.. But here it is morning now, and my balls are making noise -- they're going to be nagging at me all day - "Hey asshole .. you had your chance last night!!! You blew it!!! Waddya doin' to us, man!! You're killin' us!!! "

But finally, a small part of an email that speaks to me from his heart. The parts that everyday I get to read in some form or another that remind me how special what we have is, how lucky I am to love and be loved by this man.

So as you can probably tell, I'm in an extraordinary mood this morning, and most of all because we are only a short day away from finally breaking our intimacy drought. Being with you last night my love -- I just can't describe it -- the feeling that I have when I'm with you .. when I'm anticipating being with you .. when I just finished being with you... It's beyond words ...And for me, there is only one happiness in life -- to love, and to be loved. And you, dear Jen, are the love of my life.

There you have it. What more could I want or need? He has it all.. he is intelligent, handsome, a great sense of humor, and a sexual appetite that meets mine. He knows when to make love and when to just fuck, he knows how to make me feel like I am the most important person in his world... and he promises me a life that I only dreamed I could have. One of trust, passion and endless peace.

I am so glad to be home, for home is where my "heart" is. Love you babe.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Kiss me and smile for me ...

Well, this morning my dear Jen left town on a 4-day business trip, which means we're about to endure a stretch of 5 days apart - the longest gap of time since we started seeing each other regularly last fall. She departed quite early for the airport this morning, and when I returned from my morning jog, there was an email waiting for me in my Inbox. Like I've said countless times, Jen has such a way with the written word ... and needless to say after reading this, my heart just melted.

Hi honey...

I didn't want to leave without sending you an email.. just in case I don't get online while I am away. As if being away from you physically isn't tough enough to bear.. not being able to chat with you as we do everyday is going to make it harder.

I spent this day (it is Easter Sunday as I write) .. thinking a lot about us as a couple. So many wonderful times together.. how much we smile, laugh, love and make love.. and how wonderful this has all been. Our Pastor talked in his homily today about C.S. Lewis and what a great writer he was and how much he loved his wife .. and after she passed how he summed up their lives in just 9 words... "I never knew loving someone could hurt so much."

We know the thought of losing each other is the worse feeling in the world. Since I have found you, not much else has been the same. I am truly at my best when I am with you.. and can only imagine that will always be the case. I have looked over my cards from you again and again, and as we both say in our Easter cards.. you are the part of me that was always missing... you complete me. I can't imagine life again without you in it.. and I pray I never will have to.

So, as we embark on this break from seeing each other... I think it will reaffirm how much we need each other and how important our time together is. I am sure it will only prove that not being together for a lifetime isn't even an option. You know you will be on my mind and in my heart every minute of the day.. and I will be counting the hours until I am home again, feeling your arms around me, seeing your face pressed up against mine, as our eyes meet and everything again become right with our world.

I love you darling... some love lasts a lifetime.. true love lasts forever.

I will miss you more than you know.

Have a great trip darling ... Friday can't come soon enough...