Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hitting the Century Mark

We hit a milestone of sorts Friday morning, as Jen celebrated her 100th orgasm since we've been together last fall. And a memorable one it was....

We really weren't planning on much more than a morning get-together and a brisk spring walk, as typically Jen's offspring are home on Friday morn. But we happened to find ourselves entangled in her sheets and embarked on a heavy makeout session, and decided to risk a little love making despite the fact that one of the kids was sound asleep (hopefully) in the room down the hall. As Jen is want to do, she eagerly attacked my cock giving me a hard-on that I couldn't help but want to put to good use. But before that, we engaged in a little side-by-side 69 action, as I was deliciously in the mood to worship her pussy. I was nibbling on those fleshy outer lips of hers, all the while engaging my middle finger in a little butt play. Then I proceeded to play with her clit with my thumb on my right hand, while thrusting my tongue in and out of her wetness.. Love to get all the appendages involved!!!

But knowing this was #100 approaching, I wanted it to be special for her.. More than just an oral climax, although I'm quite sure Jen wouldn't have turned me down. So after this blissful 69 session, I flipped myself around, gazed in her eyes, and ever-so-slowly began to enter her. I love just feeling every millimeter of her dripping cunt as my cock penetrates her. After a time of some nice, slow fucking I picked up the pace ... But wait!! FUCK!! I was so damned excited, I could feel myself wanting to explode .. And God knows, I didn't want to beat her to the punch - not with #100 imminent. So I pulled out ever so briefly and gave her a deep, passionate kiss while I ground my aching cock onto her clit, letting myself recuperate for about 20 seconds. And then it was time kick it into high gear. I pushed myself back inside her and started some furious thrusting until we both exploded in an incredible, simultaneous orgasm -- Jen's 100th and my 86th.

Here's to a million more, baby ...


  1. So I guess you two take the Shakespeare quote "How many times (ways) do I love thee? Let me count the ways" seriously! ;-)

  2. LOL @ Rif hehehehehe

    Go you good things~!

  3. Riff... What started as a joke became a full out spreadsheet... Mark is a self proclaimed engineer geek.. but, he is not your typical "geek", he is the sexiest nerd you will ever meet.

    L&A: We're keeping on.. no stopping us now!


  4. Wow, you count? That's awesome! Now I'm wondering how many Os I've had with Mr. Man...hmmmmm....
    Sexy post!

  5. That's the most wonderful thing I've heard in forever! How incredible you know how many "O's" you've given and gotten. May you both have many, many more - together!


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