Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tagged... Jen's Likes and Dislikes

Having been tagged by our beautiful Aussie friend Alabaster ..
Mark and I will post our individual likes and dislikes. Ladies first…

Jens Likes…

1.Playing tennis, riding my bike , playing my piano or watching the Yankees in my free time.. When I am stressed it’s the piano time.. when I just need to move it’s tennis or a ride on my 10 speed.. to just pure lose myself .. it’s the Yanks !

2.Italian food … I love Italian food.. comfort food for me.. thus, that weight battle day to day

3.Being with my oh so sexy guy Mark.. whether it’s just hanging out on a blanket or the couch, a walk in the park, or making love to him.. every moment is the best. Even after 8 months and getting to see him almost everyday.. I still get excited when I see his car pull up.

4.Chatting with my kids.. and seeing their successes as they become very impressive adults. They have great senses of humor and make me laugh. They are great kids and I am blessed and proud to have them.

5.Sitting in front of my fireplace with a good book. One of life’s simple pleasures that I love.

Jen’s Dislikes…

1. Football and Basketball (I know .. blasphemy!)

2. Heights

3. Thinking about Mark doing things without me.
Family things, friend things with the wife.

4. spicy foods (my stomach is too old to tolerate that stuff)

5.Thunderstorms at night . While most people love to watch a good
thunderstorm I can be found waiting for it to end under the covers.

So there you have it! I guess now it’s my turn to TAG someone.. so…
GENEVIEVE … of Neptune Blue… you’re it!

This was fun actually… so.. keep it going folks.


  1. Upright or grand piano? I play piano too, classical is my favourite pass time. I love Italian food too, but have an allergy to cheese so no pizza for me. ;) I adore thunderstorm, lying in bed listening to them. Indi x

  2. I have a baby grand currently... its pretty old but still beautiful. I just grab some music, throw it up and get lost in it.. eases every tense muscle in my body when I just sit and play.
    What kind of piano do you have? I'll have to post a pic of my piano.. maybe Mark and I can make it a HNT!

  3. Ohhhhh fab list Jen~!

    I adore Italian food, love a fire place and a good book, like Indi I ADORE a good thunderstorm. I so wish I could play the piano and I think HNT themed around your piano would be AWESOME...hmmmmmm....a lusty nekkid pose of the both of you on top hehehe?


  4. AL ~ I love Mark but no one is laying naked on top of my 100yr old baby grand! But we are plotting pic ideas already :)


  5. Oh thank you for the tag! I'll get right on that. I love these lists... and reading yours was great fun!

  6. Football, is okay - only if I have to. You're on the mark with basketball. Mmmmm .... Italian food, definitely! Great list!


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