Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Give me just ONE MORE NIGHT ....

Jan 2010

As I have documented before, Mark and I don’t get a whole lot of evening time to spend together. I am sure “the wife” would frown if he told her he was heading out to fuck his girlfriend because, frankly.. ‘she’s tired of afternoon sex and is looking to have some fun in the evening’. Or, maybe she would just be pissed off that he said the word FUCK in front of her instead of spelling it out. Another scenario is, her responding with “Have a good time and can you pick me up some milk on the way home?” OK.. so, now I am getting a little delirious.. but, you get the gist. It just doesn’t happen too often.

But one night in mid January, an opportunity arose. He had to be somewhere and so did I, but the plan was for us both to cut out early and meet at my house, where we knew there would be nobody home but.. my dog. She’s too old to care what I am doing on the couch or behind my bedroom door.. and she’s too smart to tell what she knows. Because frankly, she knows who feeds her.

At 10pm he is rolling up my porch stairs and I am ready and waiting. We hit the bed and don’t even bother to remove clothes. Our lips and tongues find each other and I can feel his already hard cock grinding against me. I don’t know about most women.. but I swear I could cum from just that.. the feel of a his hard cock fully clothed rubbing against my also fully clothed wet and oh so sensitive clit. I have many times during some of our sessions been very close while I lay on top of him and place that straining cock in just the right spot as I move my hips and stimulate myself just the way I like it.

BUT, I am also a lover of that feeling of having a hard cock deep up inside me.. so I listen to that yearning of my pussy as it screams “NOT FAIR… I want to play too!”
I am not sure when I made that the boss of me.. but.. so far, it wins every time, and I have yet to come that way fully clothed. (not counting Marks fingers bringing it on). but, it’s one of those things going on the bucket list.

Sparing you the intimate details, because we all know.. you guys don’t come here for the talk of pounding, fingering, sucking and toy play... The night was incredible.. we made each other moan and groan.. as we came multiple times.. The talk was filthy and sexy as hell… both of us covered with each others juices, hot, sweaty, erotic and so very satisfying. Mark loves the morning sex.. but I am a huge fan of the evening sex.

I am going to suggest Mark join a bowling team in September…. Each week he can tell the Mrs. he is going out tonight and will hopefully score BIG ! She doesn’t need to know he’s really coming to my house to F-U-C-K his girlfriend.


  1. We love the urgency and raw lust in this post~!
    Very erotic indeed!!


    L & A

  2. Those stolen moments sound so incredible. Feeling a hard cock through jeans can give me an I.O., for sure! Here's hoping he'll join that bowling league.


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