Tuesday, March 2, 2010

You make me smile

As I've explained so many times before, very often Jen has that way of touching me with the words she put's together in our morning email exchange . And Monday morning's email was one of those days...

"And yesterday.. i laugh when I think about how you say how great I looked.. with my paint covered tshirt and jeans.. no makeup and hair a mess... I know you love me when you can get past all that and still think I look good. But I was so very happy to get the chance to see you on a Sunday.. a day we just figured we would not see each other at all. Maybe you don't realize how much those sacrifices you make for me mean to me, but, it means a whole lot. We have put ourselves in a tough spot.. this was obviously not the ultimate time to fall in love with each other... and the great thing about being in love is.. feeling special (number one) to someone .. and them to you. I always hear you say how important I am to your life...but, we both know.. words are just words.. anyone can say them.. but, the action is the proof to me. You have gone out of your way to make me feel special of late.. and if I don't thank you in person.. I am doing so now. I need to feel like, despite the poor choice I may have made in falling for a married man, this isn't a mistake. What we have is real and special... to both of us."

Yes, we tell each other we love each other 100 times a day .. But seeing those words yesterday just gave me a sense of serenity that carried with me the rest of the day, throughout the night, and even into this morning...

I love you Jen .. Every heartbeat belongs to you...


  1. those are the messages that make it all worth while.

  2. Mark: You often say you can see how much I love you just by the sparkle in my eyes... and I tell you they are the path to my soul .. I hope you never stop looking.

    In case you hadn't noticed... I am pretty crazy about you too my love !


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