Thursday, March 4, 2010

HNT - How can I show my excitement?

After a look at the girls.....

Looks like I am very happy my lover is coming over for lunch today ..<3

Happy HNT friends !!


  1. Gorgeous Jen~!
    Hoping that both you and Mark had a lovely "lunch" hehehehehe :]

  2. I'll let you know in about 6 hours .. but, I'm planning on a very fulfilling lunch :) *wink*

  3. That's a beautiful picture! Looks like an oil painting. Hope your lunch was as delicious as you imagined! Happy HNT!

  4. Happy HNT! Enjoy your lunch! Sweet picture!

  5. nitebyrd: Thank you for the kind words.. Lunch was delicious.. Mark made it an "all about Jen day".. How great is that? I'm still smiling 6 hours later.

    Genevieve: Thanks!! Love dressing soft and sexy for my guy.

  6. You look lovely. Hope it was a wonderful lunch!


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