Friday, April 16, 2010

NOW we're talking turnabout ....

Back in March, Jen celebrated her 100th orgasm since we've been together. You can read about that one here. Almost one month later, it was my turn last evening.

We got the chance for a little alone time at Jen's house last night, and before you know it she had my cock just bulging and longing to escape from my Dockers. It doesn't take much folks - a few of her tender strokes along the length of my manhood, even with a couple layers of cotton separating me from her fingers and I'm ready for action. I closed my eyes, leaned my head back and just enjoyed her teasing, but there's no better sound than that familiar zzzzppppppppp as she slowly tugged at my zipper. Music to my ears!

But here's where it got interesting ... Once my cock was free from its cage, she licked her fingers and circled them around the tip, getting it all nice and shiny moist. Stroking the shaft to spread out the wetness .. I was going bonkers with delight. And then it happened... Tell me if this ever happened to you, fellas... I had only what I can describe as a mini-orgasm. A few drops of cum started oozing from the tip ... and it was more than just precum. The creamy stuff -- not of the clear precum variety. But the more she squeezed, the more drops that would spill out. And the more she stroked, the more lathered my cock became. And the hottest moment of all was when she put a nice thick layer of it on her fingertip and brought it up to BOTH our mouths. Both of us hungrily lapping up the tasty goo off her index finger...

You have no idea how turned on I was by all this.. "Don't you want this hard cock inside you, baby?" I offered. "Well, I'm actually enjoying myself quite nicely, but thank you..." she replied. Can you believe it???? Where did I find this woman??? A woman who so desires to please her man that she will sacrifice her own orgasm just for my pleasure.. So needless to say I took her up on her offer and in no time her head was eagerly bobbing up and down on my shaft. 30 seconds later, I had the most amazing oral-gasm ever, shooting round after round of tasty juice down her throat. I thought it would never stop.....

So let's hear it for 100 orgasms! And for those of you keeping score at home, Jen's at 114. I'm lagging at just about the right pace, don't ya think girls?


  1. this actually happens to my quite often! Esp when M is teasing me all day with txts, pics, etc.... by the time she touches me, i get those mini orgasms, filled with the milky precum... love them!!!

  2. It never occured to me to count orgasms! :(

    But yeah, women are generous by nature. LOL

  3. Hot~! Hot~! Hot~!
    Go the mini orgasms!!

    L & A

  4. hornynecouple: Thats only happened once before.. but, now I am on a mission to make it happen more often.. it's so hot!

    Spring Flower: You need to remember, my guy is an engineer.. he has a spreadsheet for everything! But, i do love it.

    L*A: I'm sure you two can relate! xx


  5. Hey hold up now! Spreadsheet guys can be sexy too! Being a numbers guy myself, i have spreadsheets for everything too! :)

  6. Well, congratulations to both of you and here's to the next 100! Jen is a very generous woman, lucky man!

  7. I prefer to count the days since I was 16 I didn't have an orgasm, we are holding at 0!!!


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