Monday, April 5, 2010

Kiss me and smile for me ...

Well, this morning my dear Jen left town on a 4-day business trip, which means we're about to endure a stretch of 5 days apart - the longest gap of time since we started seeing each other regularly last fall. She departed quite early for the airport this morning, and when I returned from my morning jog, there was an email waiting for me in my Inbox. Like I've said countless times, Jen has such a way with the written word ... and needless to say after reading this, my heart just melted.

Hi honey...

I didn't want to leave without sending you an email.. just in case I don't get online while I am away. As if being away from you physically isn't tough enough to bear.. not being able to chat with you as we do everyday is going to make it harder.

I spent this day (it is Easter Sunday as I write) .. thinking a lot about us as a couple. So many wonderful times together.. how much we smile, laugh, love and make love.. and how wonderful this has all been. Our Pastor talked in his homily today about C.S. Lewis and what a great writer he was and how much he loved his wife .. and after she passed how he summed up their lives in just 9 words... "I never knew loving someone could hurt so much."

We know the thought of losing each other is the worse feeling in the world. Since I have found you, not much else has been the same. I am truly at my best when I am with you.. and can only imagine that will always be the case. I have looked over my cards from you again and again, and as we both say in our Easter cards.. you are the part of me that was always missing... you complete me. I can't imagine life again without you in it.. and I pray I never will have to.

So, as we embark on this break from seeing each other... I think it will reaffirm how much we need each other and how important our time together is. I am sure it will only prove that not being together for a lifetime isn't even an option. You know you will be on my mind and in my heart every minute of the day.. and I will be counting the hours until I am home again, feeling your arms around me, seeing your face pressed up against mine, as our eyes meet and everything again become right with our world.

I love you darling... some love lasts a lifetime.. true love lasts forever.

I will miss you more than you know.

Have a great trip darling ... Friday can't come soon enough...



  1. A beautiful essay on love... She does have a wonderful way with words.

  2. that was an email from her? i thought it was her heart that she has sent to you :)


  3. What beautiful, heartfelt words. Only one more day. Lucky you! (Lucky her, too!)

  4. Is Jen back yet?
    Have missed you guys and your posts~!

    Loverboy & Alabaster Legs

  5. L & A: I am back, finally!! Felt like forever but, we managed to have some wonderful time together yesterday after I got in... So wonderful to be back in his arms where I am safe and oh so happy! I missed reading everyones posts and am trying to catch up.. but, life is back to normal for a couple weeks until Mark has to go out of town for business. *sigh*
    ~ Jen


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