Wednesday, April 21, 2010

HNT - "Behind" the scenes !

Well Mark has certainly been willing to experiment and let me have some fun with my tongue, fingers and toys. He's been a good sport and actually has come to enjoy my undying attention to his oh so adorable butt. I love to squeeze it every chance I get. I admit to the occasional slap as I play back there.. or grabbing him as I try to pull him in even deeper as we fuck. It is true, his posterior gets a lot of my time. I just love it. So, I am going to share it with you.. here is a pic of Mark in the silk robe I bought him for Christmas.. laying ready and giving me free reign to do as I want.. OH WHAT FUN !!!!!

Happy HNT... don't forget to visit Obasso and see who else is playing !


  1. Oh yes, he certainly looks ready for your attention. Happy HNT!

  2. Mmmm....a silk robe, eh? That's awesome.

  3. Naughty thoughts come to mind...hope it was fun!!

  4. He does have a nice butt, if you don't mind me saying so. He also looks very ready for some attention! Happy HNT!

  5. Gen: oh yes, every once in awhile he lets me have my way.. (I say with a smile)

    Vixen: He looks good in it too.. but, he has to keep it at my house, the wife might get suspicious lol.

    Southerngirl: great minds think alike,, and fun indeed.

    Nitebyrd: I don't mind you admiring it.. he has a very nice butt.. he's a runner and he is long and lean and taut .. =]


  6. Late doing rounds (I sound like a doc, but I'm not LOL) ... but I do love grabbing my lover's ass too :)

    Nice pic!

  7. Well I see you didn't read Sage's rules for pic posting. Rule #1 you can never post a dood pic unless it clicks thru to a chick pic!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. LOL @ Sage hehehehe

    Awesome buns Mark ;]





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