Sunday, April 11, 2010

Turn about is fair play...

Well, I made it home.. safe and sound and within hours of arriving, got to feel Marks arms around me, his lips on mine and that sparkle that is in each of our eyes as we stare at each other makes me smile larger than I ever thought possible. We even had the chance to make love despite the fact that one of the kids was home. Trust me though, we are not good with 'quiet' and it took all we had to keep our voices down. We do love to talk dirty and it was actually pretty sensual doing it in soft toned down whispers. But, the feeling of him slipping into my soaked, aching pussy felt so wonderful after our time apart, if the house were empty I think a few of the neighbors may have heard that moan.

Mark told me after I finally got online while I was away that he had shared my email with you all, our friends and supporters.. and I have no problem with that. I think that we all have a crazy bond we have formed and I love that we can share our bad days and good days with those who seem to care.

Today being a Sunday, is usually our day apart. I often spend the morning rereading some of our past emails and since he shared some of my emails I thought I would give you snippets of what made me fall for this amazing guy:

This is from about 2 months in and the day before our first time having sex. You can see Mark's sense of humor here in this small piece of his email:

So anyway, we're down to 24 hours. I can't ever remember looking forward to something so much as I am this.. And I typically don't like to do that, i.e., "over anticipate", because generally when you do that, there tends to be a letdown. But I just can't see that happening this time ... I really think this is going to turn out even better than we could ever dream. That's the way everything has gone so far with us -- why would THIS change? I'm so confident it won't.

So, OK -- I confess -- I did a little youporn surfing this morning ... It's been so long since I've had sex I needed a little refresher course. You know, what exactly are we supposed to do again? Why don't these people have any clothes on? Oh, so THAT's what that thing between my legs is for! However, after a couple of 4 minute videos, I think I've got it down pat.

..and then this one that literally made me laugh out loud as I was reading. Needless to say, this man's libido is always running on high:

Thankfully, as I crawled into bed last night, the wife turned on her side and went to sleep.. So I figure, here's my opportunity to relieve myself of this all-day hard-on, thinking of my incredibly sexy girlfriend and the things she has done and wants to do for me.. But first .. hold on a second .. there's this Sports Illustrated article I want to read .. It's nice and quiet, everyone's asleep, the TV is off -- all you could hear is the chirping of the crickets. I figured I'd read the article, then start jimmy'n my jimmy and descend into a deep sleep of orgasmic bliss...

Bad mistake.. I don't think I got through one paragraph and I was dead to the world. But I did sleep better than I ever have .. Sound sleep right through until the alarm went off.. I don't even remember getting up to go to the bathroom ... which is highly unusual.. But here it is morning now, and my balls are making noise -- they're going to be nagging at me all day - "Hey asshole .. you had your chance last night!!! You blew it!!! Waddya doin' to us, man!! You're killin' us!!! "

But finally, a small part of an email that speaks to me from his heart. The parts that everyday I get to read in some form or another that remind me how special what we have is, how lucky I am to love and be loved by this man.

So as you can probably tell, I'm in an extraordinary mood this morning, and most of all because we are only a short day away from finally breaking our intimacy drought. Being with you last night my love -- I just can't describe it -- the feeling that I have when I'm with you .. when I'm anticipating being with you .. when I just finished being with you... It's beyond words ...And for me, there is only one happiness in life -- to love, and to be loved. And you, dear Jen, are the love of my life.

There you have it. What more could I want or need? He has it all.. he is intelligent, handsome, a great sense of humor, and a sexual appetite that meets mine. He knows when to make love and when to just fuck, he knows how to make me feel like I am the most important person in his world... and he promises me a life that I only dreamed I could have. One of trust, passion and endless peace.

I am so glad to be home, for home is where my "heart" is. Love you babe.


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