Thursday, December 24, 2009

(She says) Our Merry Christmas Rendezvous….

Dec. 23, 2009

I realize we have jumped forward 5 months from how we met to our holiday getaway at the hotel where we first had sex… but, while this was still fresh in my mind I wanted to put down some of the special moments we shared. Mark will be busy with family for the next 2 days so, our communication will be limited and he probably won’t have an opportunity to recap our 2 days of multi-orgasmic pleasure anytime soon.

We headed over to our room around 2 o’clock yesterday… the day was to be split in several meet ups… As soon as we hit the room… we started kissing. I love kissing him, every nerve in my body tingles.. the juices start to flow as soon as he touches me. It didn’t take long before clothes were on the floor (with the exception of my black thigh highs that I wore for him that day) and he was down at my pussy, making me moan and squirm. I know I am pretty vocal and I remember telling him to 'keep doing that' as his tongue found just the right spot. I came so hard I felt my body quake and the wetness I left was dripping.

After a moment to regain some muscle control and all I could think about was my mouth at his cock.

I am one of those women who love, REALLY love.. oral. Not just sucking his cock, but his balls, the perineum (that space under his balls ) and right down to my tongue and finger playing with his ass. The whole anal thing was new to Mark and the sounds he made the first time I made my way down there was something. A touch of surprise coupled with pleasure and uncertainty.. but, he now seems to be a fan. But back to yesterday… my mouth and hand had him hard and ready. I was aching to feel him inside me., (it had been over 2 weeks.. the longest we have gone without since we started). I looked up at him from between his legs and begged him to fuck me. I wanted it, needed it like I never have before… after a little teasing, he let me climb up and rubbed his tip against my dripping wet clit before I positioned myself and slid down on him.

I live for that moment when his cock first spreads me and slips in.. I move oooh so slowly to savor each inch as it pushes up. Needless to say… it didn’t take long before we both came….

And many times in that 2 hour period as he moved back down to service me as only he can do with his tongue and fingers… and then again just fingering… another go at his cock with my mouth and some of the oils and toys I brought got him ready to go again… he pulled me to the end of the bed and bent me over as he drove into me slow and deep, fingers rubbing my already sensitive clit brought on another earth shattering orgasm for me.

I was ready for him to empty again so my mouth went right to work… laying on the bed as he kneeled over me, sliding his hard cock in and out of my mouth at his own pace. That is so hot.. watching and feeling him in control as he fucks my mouth. Didn’t take long before he unloaded deep into my mouth… and man did he have a huge offering for me.

Short rest before we went for another round. Mark doesn’t take long to recover.. and before our 4:30 deadline.. we had both exhausted ourselves. It was wild at times, sensual and sensitive at times and as always, erotic as hell. Looking at the clock.. it was 4:30.. we needed to go tend to the normal day to day but.. we had plans to meet back there later that evening.

And meet we did. I will let Mark tell that part of the story.. but know that.. I went home sore and exhausted, but ready to meet again at 8 am for our final Christmas Celebration.

Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays) all… May all your wishes come true this holiday season…

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