Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ashley Madison.. from the ladies perspective....

After reading Marks version of his AM experience, I felt compelled to tell it from a woman’s side.
I actually do feel bad for men on AM as I think they have us outnumbered somewhere in the ratio of 10:1. That’s got to be tough. But, what does that tell us? There are that many sexually frustrated married men unhappy with their sex lives or lack thereof? Or, is it saying that.. there are that many women who just don’t want to have sex? Or better yet, are there that many women who do enjoy sex but don’t need an internet site to help them find it outside of their marriage? KUDOS ladies if that’s the deal !!! I mean, I think just about any lady can walk into a bar.. sit there alone for a bit and get hit on by at least one guy who would be willing to take her somewhere and show her a good time.

But, back to AM…. Having been on there twice… I can tell you that as a woman you definitely get inundated with emails or “flirts”. I think your profile can read ..
“ Grossly overweight woman with one leg who doesn’t shave (anywhere) or bathe often.. but definitely doesn’t get enough sex at home.. looking for a guy to fulfill and fill all those spaces”.. and she will still get 20 emails a day.
So, how do we choose to which we respond? I’m sure every woman has different criteria for that one. For me, I can tell you this..If you are a smoker, you are automatically off my list.. sending just a wink or flirt.. gets you deleted automatically. If you can’t invest the time or credits to show you’re interested… I have many more to choose from.. If you did take the time to write, you have a foot in the door. From there it’s about what you write and if you sent pics, what kind of pics. Guess what guys… I DON’T want to see pics of your cock in our first email. As much as you may think yours is better than everyone elses… it’s still just a cock. What you say.. and how you say it makes all the difference. If you can’t spell.. I’m already discounting you.. NO, I don’t want to “meat”.. and when you write to tell me you love to cook and travel…Are you going to come over and cook dinner for me and the family??? Or take us on vacation??? Let’s get this straight… This site was developed to help people cheat and find someone who wants and needs the same thing. I want to know about YOU, what makes you, what drives you.. what you are hoping for … are we looking for the same things… and what do YOU look like? Yes folks, looks are important.. and Mark and I have quite the funny story about that as well. For me, a sense of humor and some intelligence was paramount. I know these relationships involve chemistry and there is time spent not having sex, so.. someone I could talk to and laugh with were key.

What happens if you make it to that first meeting? That’s a whole different blog. I’ve had some experiences there as well.

So fellas, I hope you learned something here. Not all of us women want the same thing, which is what makes the world keep turning. But I think the basic criteria is the same for a lot of us ladies. Be honest, be willing to waste a credit and take a chance, have a sense of humor about the whole deal. More importantly, don’t give up and keep an open mind. Five months ago, I was unhappy and getting through the day to day… now.. life has never been better.

Will it always be this good? Stay tuned…………….

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