Monday, December 21, 2009

Sunday Will Never Be The Same..

July 19th 2009

So yes .. that sunny July 19th Sunday morning, Jen and I first established contact on Ashley Madison ... Less than a handful of interchanges later, we quickly moved on to our own personal email accounts, and in no time we were Instant Messaging together. And it's still that same Sunday morning!!

Right out of the box, the thing that captivated me most about Jen was her writing style ... It had such a flow to it... A certain sexiness to it that only someone who writes technical prose for a living could appreciate. Perfect grammar, perfect spelling .. Through her musings, I could almost hear her voice and picture her face, and we hadn't yet exchanged photos. A sarcasm-laden humorous side that was cute .. and playful. To this day I've never met anyone that could enthrall me the way she does with the written word. As time goes on and these postings continue, I hope to share excerpts of some of these emails with you. The world needs to know the joy this woman brings to my heart each and every day with her literary skills.

So yes, that first Sunday morning, July 19th, I was seated at my breakfast table -- alone -- as the natives had yet to stir. And the laptop was out and Jen and I were introducing ourselves electronically via Yahoo chat. Right from the word go, we had a real rapport, a genuine chemistry and could have chatted for hours .. Five months later, we still do - never running out of things to discuss .. The day-to-day stuff that is our lives, our passionate love for each other, and better yet, the erotic expression of our desire to make mad, passionate love to each other ... and yes .. our raw primal urges to fuck each others brains out. But that Sunday morning our chat session was in full gear ... until the wife decided to join us. Sure enough she plops her ass right down at the kitchen table sitting directly across from me and facing the back of my laptop. And it wouldn't be a Sunday morning if she wasn't bitching at me for some rhyme or reason, and me being on the computer so early in the morning gave her some decent ammo to run with .. "You practically LIVE on that thing .. you are ruining our marriage!!!" And I'm continuing to type away at my electronic conversation with Jen, but I'm muttering under my breath at this annoying woman who for some God-only-knows reason I agreed to spend the rest of my life with - "You better watch that mouth of yours, bitch ... If I play my cards right, the lady at the end of my fingertips here is going to be sucking my cock dry someday"... I mentioned to Jen that the wife had joined us and *POOF* - she was gone ... A little early in the relationship to be dealing with tyrannical spouses, I guess. I was disappointed to say the least ... Not only did I want to continue the conversation, but for us cheaters there's something inherently sexy about communicating with a potential lover right under your spouses nose ... Little did the wife know ... nor did Jen .. that underneath that kitchen table and through my boxers, I was massaging My Guy, who was now at full attention.

Jens disappearing act didn't last long, and we haven't missed a beat since that morning... How's my cock, you ask? Well, it ain't dry yet .. but that isn't from a lack of trying ....

More ... MUCH more .. on that topic in our postings to cum .....


  1. Interesting start to the story. Looking forward to reading more, from both sides of the coin.

  2. Lost.. Thanks for the comment and for reading.. we promise to keep telling this story from both sides.. we still have much to tell, hope you enjoy. (Jen)

  3. What a sweet way you describe her writing.

  4. Like I said .. there's nothing that captivates me more than the talent to express one's self with the written word. And Jen does that like no other ... You have that rare talent as well, Frances. Which keeps us reading your "pearls"!!! Thanks for stopping by and hope you continue to follow our journey ..



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