Wednesday, August 11, 2010

and so... it goes.

Just checking in here. We have noticed that in the summer months (in this hemisphere), fewer people are blogging and probably fewer yet are reading. Still, I wanted to sneak in and give you some updates here.

Since we last filled you in, we managed to go out to dinner to celebrate our one year (always a perk when you can sit out in a public place and pretend to be normal), we had some wonderful days together in the pool just relaxing and drinking (some snoring, but wasn't me), incredible sex and lovemaking (different if you ask me) with details to follow on at least one of those sessions, and a "date" set for tomorrow.. out of town, away from the locals, just Mark and me enjoying the day and each other.

I think I appreciate what we have so much more after the time without him. Lots of questions still swirling about though.
Is it all perfect? Of course not.
Do I still have my moments? most definitely.
Is there still that lingering anxiety... always.
Do I love him? more than any man ever (with the exception of my Dad)
Do I ever feel guilty? Strangely, not so much about "the wife" but, about the kids.. oh yes.
Now that we are back together .. do I still go through batteries? Not as many but, every chance I get!

So.....for now, we forge ahead one day at a time. Enjoying how we bring out the best in each other whenever we are together.

Live, Love, Laugh!

That we do.


  1. happy one year you two :) it's a long way. i can understand the 'package' that tags along. embrace each day with love ;)


  2. Thanks Jo.. you are always so kind and supportive. We certainly do enjoy every moment we get together. One day at a time! xx

  3. Happy Anniversay! I think it's appropriate to say that.

    You sound content and calmer, somehow. It's not perfect but it's working and that's okay.

  4. Yay! Happy Anniversary! Hang in there...your time's coming!

  5. Sounds good to me. Congratulations on a relationship that seems to work just fine.


  6. Nitebyrd: thank you.. a year in this kind of relationship seems like a milestone to ME. It's not perfect yet.. but when we are together, things seem as close to perfect as they can get.

    Lambchop: Thanks! One day at a time.

    Jim: Welcome and thank you! So far.. it's still working!

  7. So glad to see this post!! I really am thrilled you are back to making things work. I know, it can be rough....drop me an email when you have time. ;-)


  8. Congrats on the anniversary, And may you find much happiness together And nice that you can live, lough and laugh.



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