Monday, February 1, 2010

You walked out of my dreams and into my arms

Now you're my angel divine ....

July 30 2009

Time to take a trip back in time. That day when Jen and I met for the first time, in person.

For those of you who haven't read the whole story, and to serve as a quick recap, Jen and I met on Ashley Madison. We exchanged several emails and texts, spent countless hours Instant Messaging, and after about 7 or 8 days of this, we decided it was time for the meet-n-greet. So we agreed to meet at a coffee shop on Jen's side of town on a Thursday in the mid-afternoon. When she told me she'd be in a black Ford Escape, I kind of snickered -- whenever I had advanced to this stage in any one of these AM, Craigslist, or any other "illicit encounter" relationship, two out of the three women ultimately drove Ford Escape's. The "Cheater Mobile", I liked to call it.

Looking back at the time leading up to our first meeting, I didn't have that typical sense of nervousness or hesitation usually associated with these sometimes terrifying events. With Jen, it was different. I had this subtle confidence that we were going to hit it off -- that the chemistry would be there. As I mentioned in previous posts, I was totally enamored with her writing, with the way she communicated in emails and in chats. With others, I had dared to jump into the sexual conversations right away, but other than establishing up front that we were both devoted connoisseurs of the oral passions, we didn't venture too much down that path in our electronic conversations.

So I drove into the lot at the coffee shop and there was the black Ford Escape. I pulled into the spot next to her, glanced over and sure enough -- that was Jen! Just like the photos we had exchanged. I had that sense of relief. We both got out of our vehicles, smiled and began our conversations that would continue on for the next three hours. As luck would have it, there was a park within walking distance of the coffee shop, so we grabbed a couple beverages and headed over to pick out a shelter where we could sit down and get to know each other.

As we were walking over to the park, we had to cross a narrow bridge where I skillfully maneuvered Jen into leading the way so I could check her out from behind. You see, Jen had worried that I would not be satisfied with her back side, but much to my delight I leered at it and thought to myself "Yes sir Markie, I can see spending a LOT of time back there..."

So by now dear readers, if you haven't left already, I'm sure you're saying to yourself "OK Mark -- cut the crap.. Get to the part where you take her behind the shelter, you whip out that stiff cock of yours and Jen gleefully sucks it until your sticky goo is dripping down her chin". Hate to disappoint you folks, but it ain't happenin'. There's no "there" there in this story. If you're looking for one of those stories, click over to the Hornycouple - my good friends there never disappoint in that regard.

But I digress.. No my friends, nothing more happened than just hours of good-natured conversation. We sat at that picnic table and our chats ran the gamut from my kids to her kids, to our mutual passion for a certain soon-to-be-crowned World Champion Major League Baseball team. We swapped war stories on our Ashley Madison experiences, our history of marital problems, and the dramas of our current relationships. We even discussed religion, as no topic was off limits. And I even learned something in the process -- Jen showed me how to use the auto complete texting feature on my cell phone. And I thought I was the engineer!

After about 3 hours of non-stop talking, laughing and giggling (she has the most infectious little giggle I've ever heard), we reluctantly made our way back to the coffee shop. As we were walking back over the bridge, I got a little bold and said "You know, I find it hard to believe you were worried about that butt of yours. You're in great shape!" And true to form, she giggled and made some wise-crack remark that right now I can't recall. When we finally arrived at her vehicle, we stood just outside her driver-side door and continued our chat for another 10 minutes or so. And as the conversation was drawing to its inevitable close, I now had to ask the Million Dollar question -- "Soooooo............ Would you like to pursue this any further?"

And time stood still as I anxiously awaited her response. There might have been non-stop rush-hour traffic whizzing by us at that very moment, but you could hear a pin drop in those milliseconds of time it took for her reply ....

"I'd love to.... You're adorable!"

And I've been walking on sunshine ever since.


  1. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Just love this story!

    Gday from Down Under Australia

    Alabaster Legs :]

  2. Alabaster : Me too! and he's even more adorable
    today then he was then. ~Jen

  3. Yankees fans? Seriously? THAT'S disappointing. ;-)

    But let's hear it for engineers and the sexy girls who love them... :-)


  4. I think we all know the feeling of that million dollar question well. ;-) This is a really nice story.

  5. Daniel: We get the "BOO-HISSES" all the time for being Yank fans.. but.. we still love 'em anyway.
    And there is something about you engineers.. you all must know how to use your equipment to the highest capability ! :-)

    Riff: Thanks ! Coming from you, that is truly a compliment.



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