Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just feel like making love......

This is just a spur of the moment post. I haven’t talked about it beforehand with Mark nor did I really give much thought to what I was going to say, but, I felt compelled to write in lieu of our last few weeks together. Actually, I was going to talk to Mark about documenting our FIRST sexual encounter, but.. I am going to leave that for another time.

I am moving instead, to our last sexual encounter, which coincidentally, was last night. While it is still fresh in my mind I just wanted to tell you about the “love making” more than the “sex”. (Or if you are Marks wife.. you must spell it out .. S-E-X)

Mark managed to maneuver some one on one evening time for us. That doesn’t happen often due to his life as a husband and father. I am sure any of you in this position understand that completely. Stolen moments for us.. are usually his work times when he can slip away without notice of taking time from his family. So, because I had some time to prepare, I wanted the evening to be special. We were both looking forward to this night especially since we had had several very hot make out sessions days before, where poor Mark left with a very noticeable hard on and precum stains on his nice dress pants.

The night was going to be alone time for US. I got my hair cut, bought new silky thigh highs, put on my silky short robe and high heels, lit the candles, poured the wine and watched the clock. When he arrived, he walked into the bedroom where I stood waiting. His face said everything I had hoped it would. His first words were, “My God, you look gorgeous” as he stepped forward to kiss me. In my heels we were close to the same height and as we kissed, I could feel him getting hard and pressing against me in all the right spots.

Needless to say… we made love. It wasn’t frantic, hurried sex (oops sorry.. S-E-X) but, slow, deliberate love making. From the prolonged time his tongue and finger spent probing and sucking… to the oh so fluid moment when he moved up to slide ever slowly into me. I felt his eyes never leave mine, his mouth whispering how much he loved me, his lips move down to silence my gasps as he took me to that place that only he can. When loving me becomes making love to me.

I am celebrating my love with this man with all of you. For, true love brings so many rewards… and while we love to just fuck sometimes… these moments of true connection of mind and body, will be the things that get me through these tough times. I am grateful for having all of you to share it with.

Mark, I love you babe.. thank you for making last night one of those nights.. when “everything is right with the world”


  1. Alabaster hums "I feel like making lurve" and winks ;]

  2. Jen:

    Words can't describe what was running through my head when I first walked through that door last night. Thanks for all you did to make that such an unforgettable evening --- you were beyond gorgeous.

    All my love, Jen .. It's been said that you only truly fall in love once, but I don't believe it. Every time I see you, I fall in love all over again.....

  3. Awww you two are so gorgeous together :]

    L & A

  4. How lovely and loving your description of the evening is. Beautiful!

  5. This is a really sweet post. But please! Don't spell out s-e-x in front of the kids!!! ;-)

    On a side note (and this is just me meddling, so feel free to ignore,) have you considered having separate Blogger IDs? Blogger allows blogs to have multiple authors, so one of you could have the name "Jen" and the other could have the name "Mark" (I'd leave it to you to decide who takes Mark and who takes Jen.) Or you could be "Hopeless Jen" or "Mark's in Love" or whatever. Just a thought.

  6. L & A: Thank you. You two have become an inspiration to us.. I can only hope we have that happily ever after you have.

    Nitebyrd: It was a romantic and special night. So glad you enjoyed it.

    Riff: Always good to hear your thoughts.. and meddle away, we are sure open to suggestion and improvement.

    As for switching identities.. I would love to be Mark for a day. See what goes on there in his home and life. Meet "the wife" .. all the friends I hear about but have no faces.. but, I would skip work and hang out with my lover instead. :P


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