Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentines Day .. (Jen)

We are approaching a tough place in a relationship such as ours...


My oldest child (the oh so wise one) used to call this "Happy Singles Awareness Day".. due to the fact that she almost never had a boyfriend during this time of year. I always felt bad for her but, she never seemed to feel bad for herself. She was always OK with being single. This year I am ‘technically’ single.. but, most of my friends think I am in a relationship. Very confusing isn’t it?

Mark asked the other day .. ‘What do we do about Valentines Day?’ It falls on a weekend and we seldom see each other on weekends. I had that moment of sadness/anger when I thought.. Happy Single Awareness Day Jen ! Being in love with a married man warrants you a day alone on a day when couples are celebrating their love.

After a moment or two of thought.. I decided.. let’s do nothing. No flowers, no gifts, no candy. No disappointment. I outright said to him ..”I don’t want our first Valentine memory to be while you are married to someone else”. It’s true. How would that be down the road.?. “Oh yes honey… remember our first Valentines Day together, when we met in the parking lot for 14 minutes and exchanged cards and candy (sigh) “

Better to forego this one.. enjoy my single status and make it a day like any other. Right now I am OK with being single and have learned from my eldest child, that a day like Valentines Day is certainly a great day for those in love to celebrate that and make special effort to reaffirm that love on that day. But, for those of us who can’t do that or don’t have someone to do that with right now.. It is just a day to be happy with where you are and who you are.

Maybe I will send my oh so wise daughter a card.. reminding her how much I love and miss her.

PS.. I Love you Mark.. and I don't need a special day to tell you that! <3


  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you both. Here's hoping that next year you two can make up for what you missed this year ;]

    Loverboy & Al

  2. Loverboy and Al: Happy Valentines Day to both of you as well. I'll raise a glass to that wish.. Thanks for the good thoughts !! ~Jen~


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