Thursday, February 18, 2010

HNT - Olympic Spectator Edition

That's some Triple Toe Loop!

Happy HNT !!



  1. Very interesting. So you watch the O's in the nude. I do that too but not the O you were watching. :)

  2. Gregorio: nude? no we weren't nude.. We were wearing our scarves ! ;)

    L&A: yes, we were a bit tangled up there. But we managed to see some of the olympics that night.

  3. Love the heart effect and the footsies! HHNT

  4. Sage: That's even better !! but I think all my toes curl when I'm in the moment.. but.. a challenge to just curl 3 would be fun.

    Gen: So glad you caught the heart effect I was going for !!! YAY.. made my day!

    Vixen: Thanks.. we were hoping for some grins. That's about as athletic as Mark and I get in the winter.

    Nitebyrd: Cool pic, but.. we were nice and warm (thanks to the gloves and scarves ; ) )


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