Wednesday, June 2, 2010

HNT -- The gift... unwrapped

You all know that Mark celebrated a birthday a few weeks ago..

Part of his present was a couple pics from me...
you had the chance to see one had you clicked his birthday balloons.. and this is another..

Of course, the real treat was mine when Mark finally got to unwrap his present..

click away !!

I definitely think I got the better end of this deal

Happy HNT .. make sure you stop by and
pay homage to Osbasso !


  1. Yessss what a nice gift - every day should be a special day. :) Lovely pics & HHNT!

  2. Holy hell that click through is ridiculously hot! So sensual. Great view and the grainy-ness totally gives it that voyeur quality that ups the excitement. Nice work guys. Looks like you had fun. Lucky! ;-)

  3. I think you're both enjoying some very nice treats!
    Awesome photos!

  4. Looks like you both really enjoyed the gift! ;)
    That really is a great picture. Happy HNT!

  5. Oh DAMN! I was going to fawn over that first pic. Until I clicked the box....LOVE the exhibitionism!!!


  6. oooh, i love this, special gift


  7. I love that top picture. A nice birthday present indeed.

  8. DAYUM! Thats hot.

  9. Spring: You're right... someday hopefully everyday will be a special day! how fun!!!

    Frances: It's one of my favs too... brings back some great memories.

    Genevieve: I can't speak for Mark.. but,I think he enjoyed it too.

    Nitebyrd: I sure didn't hear him complaining so...I'm going to say he had a good time.

    Vixen: Who would have thought us "conservative 50 somethings" would be such exhibitionist!!!???

    eternal list: Thank you.. feels good to get the thumbs up.

    Riff: Mark enjoyed them... of course, some of his were a bit more revealing as well ;)

    Red: *blush* ... thank you

  10. Soft and sensual and ever so feminine~!

    L & A

  11. Heel: Best thing is... didn't cost me a cent and Mark loved it!

    L & A: Always love hearing from you guys.. Sensual was the mood I was shooting for.. thanks for that.

  12. I can't add anything that hasn't been said. Great post, and lovely pics, thanks!

  13. Verrrry nice gesture, that gift! ;-P

  14. No way, I'm pretty sure it is he who is the lucky one. Awesome pics.


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