Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Woman vs. POOL

When I fought to keep my house in the divorce.. I knew it would be a LOT of work..

Among a large front lawn and upkeep.. we have a big inground pool in the back.

Last year, it began losing water, quickly. (imagine that! )I surmised after several experiments.. that the problem must be in the bottom drain. That led to the idea of draining the entire pool (9 ft deep in the deep end) to check out the possibility of a leak at the bottom.
Not an easy task.. the slope into the deep end is pretty steep and trying to get the dirty leaf infested water out so I could check the drain was a fight I was determined to win.

so.. in the battle of Woman vs. Pool.. looking at one of my bruises...

I have to say... POOL wins.


  1. Ouch!!! Yeah, a pool doesn't yield that much. :)

  2. Soft squishy hugs for you darlin

    L & A

  3. Hi- long time voyeur but first time commenter!

    Ouch! Hope Mark kissed it better at LEAST once, hehe

    xo MM

  4. ouch Jen.. tkcare yeah :)


  5. Yikes! The pool definitely won that battle. Stay away from it for a bit!

  6. Magenta... welcome and thanks for reading and commenting...

    To all you dear ladies... Thanks.. I think I actually heard the pool snickering as i was sliding down the slope into the disgusting muck. It's evil I tell you!

  7. Woman ALWAYS wins in the end darlin'...just sayin'. Hugs from someone who has been there/done that/still doing it with the g.d. pool...it won't be snickering when you have a couple dump trucks full of clean fill dumped into it ;)

  8. "Ohhhhh, you may have won *this* battle, Pool . . . but I'll be back!!!"


  9. Crazed n Amused: The thought of large truckloads of dirt has crossed my mind.. a lot.. especially lately !

    Riff: You got that right.. I did go back for more.. when the winds got so bad, it started knocking the liner loose. I got a bad feeling about this whole thing, but.. I am still hoping to win the war!


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