Saturday, November 20, 2010

we are still alive...

(posted by Jen)

 I know we have been lapse at posting...

Yesterday was one month from the day we broke up.  It also would have been our 16 month 'anniversary' as a couple. There is some irony that the 19th signifies both days.. the best and the worse.

It has been difficult to come back to this page.. for both of us. Hard to think about writing anything when we have no good news to share at this point. Hard to talk about who we "were" as a couple and who we "are" now as a non couple. 

Many of you have found my other blog and left some very nice comments. Supportive, sympathetic and kind. I thank you for that and just for caring still about us both. Understanding the tough choices going on here and how hard it is to try to keep you all informed.

Mark has really had difficulty putting "pen to paper" even though I know he would like to. Neither of us are having an easy time here.

Just so you know... we still chat daily.  We don't really see each other so, that emptiness is very painful. But, the plus side to this is all is... we have communicated our feelings to a deeper level than we have in a very long time. Laying all those cards on the table so to speak.  We do the day to day..  so, yes.. we are still alive...

but .. not really  living.

Thank you all for being such wonderful "blog" friends..  we do appreciate all of you more than you know.


  1. Would love to know where your other blog is ... I wish you strength and happiness as you continue to figure things out.

  2. I kinda figured you were still alive, since you're commenting on my blog!

    Would you share your other blog address with me?

    Best wishes to both of you, for whatever path lies ahead together or apart

  3. Jen: Thanks for posting. All I can do is wish you both the best during what must be a difficult time for the both of you.


  4. That's great that you are still chatting. I hope that whatever is best happens for both of you, whatever that happens to turn out to be.

  5. Jen, thanks for updating us. As I read this entry and the comments offered up, I am once again moved by how fiercely loyal, inspiringly supportive and sweetly romantic the sex blog community is. There is so much care amongst all our cumings and goings ...

  6. Waverider: I sent the blog address along and we really appreciate the support.. nice to see the the silent readers leaving some kind words.

    Hubman: Sent... and thank you. You have always been good to us as well.

    FD: We are all dealing with something.. friends like you all help make it somewhat easier.

    Marcus: Hard to give up your best friend and your lover.. so.. right now, we are settling for keeping the friendship.

    DDD: I couldn't have said it better. What an amazing group of friends we have found here.

  7. Jen, thank you for the update. It's very hard sometimes to articulate all the emotions and thoughts that are going on in someone's head/heart. Just know that I hope for the best for both of you, always. It's so good that you talk to each other every day. Keeping the lines of communication open can only be a very good thing.

  8. I know just how hard this is... losing that person who has been so much the center of your day to day life. I'm feeling for you both.

    Would love the address for your other blog as well!


  9. I hope you both heal however you need to. My thoughts are with you and I would love to read the new blog.


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