Wednesday, November 24, 2010

There's only one place that call me one of their own

I just thought I'd say thanks to Jen for keeping everyone up to date as per our status. Yes, we indeed are alive and kickin'.

So why haven't I, Mark, been posting, you ask? Jen and I had this conversation yesterday. It's been very difficult for me emotionally to make my way to post here because it was and it still is "our" blog. About a year ago this time, Jen and I were conceiving the idea for this blog as we had been just recently introduced to the blog-o-sphere. We talked about our love for writing and the excitement of the anonymity of it all, and to tell you the truth, it was mostly conceived as the story of our sexual hi-jinks. My oh my, how that all changed -- a real story with real lives affecting real people was playing out before our eyes.

As the blog progressed, Jen and I would brainstorm posts together, take turns writing, discuss potential responses to comments, etc. And as the comments and emails rolled in, we started to form bonds with our commenters and other blogger friends. A good percentage of our conversations during the day would be discussing the latest posts from Frances and Daniel, Barefoot Dreamer, Adulter-Us, GLNO, Loverboy etc. This ultimately became "our little hobby" -- something that we did together. Every day I would pour over Google Analytics statistics to see where our readers were coming from, what new country had joined our growing list, who was reading us locally, what states did we need to complete our trek from sea-to-shining-sea. (We FINALLY got South Dakota last week and now have all 50 states plus the District of Columbia!). And I would excitedly report it all to Jen.

So yes, there's a big part of "us" here on Fooled Around and Fell in Love. 100% "us", as a matter of fact. And now that Jen has moved on primarily to her own blogging adventure, this blog has lost a lot of the "us" about it. While yes, she did post last week just to make up for my slacking, it still breaks my heart to visit here and see the history that we had between us -- the good times we enjoyed, the heartache we endured, and yes -- the mind-blowing sex we had and the love we made.

But you know what? Having said all that, hope springs eternal, and I'm not giving this up just yet. Consider this the first post of that comeback. And who knows? Maybe there's some underlying, subliminal message in all this. As the title of this post (from Bon Jovi's Who Says You Can't Go Home?) says "There's only one place that call me one of their own" .... And I've found that here amongst all of our blogging friends.

Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone!


  1. Have a good one, yourself! And Jen, too.

    It's nice to see you back here again. Although the memories hurt they also must make you feel good. Blogging is definitely a way to get feedback and support from people that you don't actually know but who understand. I think that the majority of commentors are giving you honest responses and do have a feeling of friendship and/or the ability to relate.

    Never, EVER give up hope. Never!

  2. I know just how hard this is... hang in there - both of you!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. We have missed your posts Mark~!

    You made us a promise once that both you and Jen would visit Down Under...we are holding you to that~!


    A & L

  4. It's funny how much our lives parallel one another. Blogging has been hard for us too lately. Just showing my support. Thinking of you.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving! (belated as I've just found your site!)

  6. Sorry I missed wishing everyone Happy Thanksgiving, but thanks for the update, Mark. It is VERY hard to lose your blogging partner, but I'm holding out hope that you guys will be back! :)


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