Friday, December 24, 2010

Our Holiday thoughts....

 As we approach the holidays ... and the end of the year...

I would like to wish all of you a very Happy Holiday and A Happy, Healthy and Properous New Year 
from Mark and I...

It has been a trying couple months...  we have both had some rough times outside of just the break up .. I think that all of this will be posted sometime in the near future...  

True Love is hard to let go of.. 

We have both been disappointed....

We maintained our friendship throughout it all...  and we have been again blessed to have such a great support of friends that we met here.... People who email  or message to check on us even though we haven't been blogging. You all know who you are.. and you hail from all over the US and other continents.  How would we have ever been so lucky to know these people if not for this blog?

  In many ways... this blogging world has been a gift.. but,  it has also caused some heartache.   Therefore... we have promised each other to stay away from getting caught up in it.  I am apologizing ... as many have before me... if we seem lax in commenting or reading, but... it's something we need to do for the moment.

We are working to see what comes next for us... but.. we haven't forgotten you all...

This time of year causes you to reflect on your losses and your blessings...  We , like everyone, have had both... But those who have supported and befriended .. shared your comments and your thoughts... are something we hope we  never lose. 
Many BLESSINGS to you all... enjoy your family time... good food... and those gifts you can't wrap...

Merry Christmas !!


  1. Jen: Well, the grandkids have tossed the reindeer food on the front yard and the presents are under the tree so I have a few moments this Christmas Eve to thank you for blogging. Ithas given so many of us out in cyberworld a chance to get to know you and become a valued friend. And may you have many blessings this holiday season.


  2. I'm thinking of you Jen. I hope you find some satisfaction and peace in your life in 2011.

    Me? Yes, I'm counting some blessings and this may lead to me changing course on my activities. Who knows?

  3. Wishing you the very best for 2011!

  4. Thinking of both of you this day and hoping that you will find a way to make your love and friendship keep you together until you can actually be together.

    My experience has been that allowing the minority of rat-bastard bloggers and/or cyber-"so-called-friends", to sour you on the genre, gives them an undeserved victory. Be assured that there are many more good friends with good hearts and intentions out here. Take time to heal and know that that the ones that care for you both will be here when you return. We'll also send you good thoughts while you're away.

    Bright Blessings for the New Year!

  5. Happy Holidays!Y'all come backsoon; we'll miss you!

  6. Happy Holidays! I'll certainly come back here.
    Dyna :)

  7. I know what you mean...



  8. Look you two get your act together (raised eyebrows in Marks direction lol) You both know that you are a match made in heaven. No excuses, cut the crap and "just do it" as the Nike slogan says ;]

    Love to you both~!

    L & A

  9. I just found this blog. Came here from Ashley and Me where I've been waiting for the next installment.

    I'm in my 50s also, divorced. I'm in a slightly similar situation. I am dating a guy who is also divorced. He is not the right guy for me, but he is comfortable and he likes me so much that I have just fallen into this rut. I need to get out and meet new people or I will still be dating this guy when I'm 60 (not sleeping with, I reserve that for a very serious relationship). You look very attractive for your age, Jen, and I think both of us need to get out of the house and meet new (free) men, while we are still sexy enough to pull them in. Sounds very sexist, I know, but I got to these singles groups and I see all the older women and the women who have let themselves go sitting forlornly, while the men all chase after the younger, slimmer women. I'd hate to still be looking for a men when I'm 60, cuz I don't think any men that age will want me!

  10. Miss you guys. Wondering how Mark's holding up. Wondering about you both. Hope you are well...

  11. Update time?

    Missing you both!


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