Friday, May 7, 2010

Home Again

Just some quick notes... I am sure we will fill in the details at another time.

Mark joined me at my house early Thursday morning. I waited for him under the covers, my heart racing and the butterflies fluttering in my tummy anticipating his arrival. After having been apart for almost a week, to say I was excited was an understatement. I was a bit unsettled on Wednesday, as I knew he was home but.. the wife was the one who got to pick him up from the airport and be the first face he would see.

I always have that fantasy movie image of waiting for him as he comes through the gate.. that smile crosses our faces as we move toward each other and wrap our arms around each other as our lips meet for that 'so happy to see you' kiss. It wasn't to be this time.. I sat home and watched the clock knowing he was finally home, but, I wouldn't get to see him.

So despite the mood of the day before, the minute he opened the bedroom door and said.. "there's my girl".. all was right with the world. Our kisses and caresses were loving, sensual and our love making as passionate as it had ever been. No rushing, this was a moment we wanted to last forever. His lips on my aching breasts, fingers slipped into my already moist panties.. my fingers wrapped around his hard cock. We enjoyed each other and the chance to prolong the inevitable. The moment before he presses into me, he teased me further with rubbing the head against my hard sensitive clit. When he found me, I eagerly lowered myself onto him and rode him until we finished together.

After our time of laying under the covers, catching up.. we experimented with our new toy that the Adult Shoppe sent us to review ( that review is forthcoming). Mark first used the toy on me.. then I turned the tables and got the chance to show this toy's versatility but making him cum a second time that morning.

Other highlights of our time..
I am teaching Mark to read music and play the piano (he is a very quick learner) and I got him out to play tennis(a passion of mine) for the first time in years.

He was kind and patient enough to take me to the driving range to help me learn golf... a game I tried briefly as a youngster but found much too frustrating to continue. I know all you men are shaking your head at his unsound decision to take me up on this and Mark warned me that many a relationship has been destroyed over the silly game. He kept his cool and made several suggestions as we got through a bucket of balls without any crying or screaming from either of us, and ended up having a wonderful time.

These are the moments that we love the most. Spending our time doing the simple fun things that remind us, how good life is when we are together.

The toy review and more details on our reunion are soon to come. But, I haven't stopped smiling since Thursday.


  1. i feel your happiness. so much. and im envious yet happy for you :)


  2. I miss having those butterflies in my stomach!! Sounded like a great time together - a good balance of everything.

  3. I love the butterflies, and it sounds like it was a blissful reunion.

  4. Those moments when you meet up again after such a long absence are so wonderful!

  5. Sage sent me...we seem to have a lot in common!! I'll def be back, great read!!

  6. Glass... Good choice. :-)



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