Sunday, May 2, 2010

Is it Thursday yet??

I am feeling lost...

Mark is away. Not just out of town... but, out of the country for work.

Different time zones and cheap cell phones.. make communication limited.

I have been spoiled by the opportunity to see him almost everyday and chat with him anytime of day or night. I empathize even more now for those of you who seldom have the chance for physical contact. Makes me realize how lucky I truly I am... and how hard maintaining these relationships are when you don't get to put your arms around them almost daily.

You all are very strong and dedicated to each other.

But, for now.. I miss him. Only 88 hours until he's home, but.. who's counting? =]


  1. Hang in there, Jen! Being parted from our love is never easy. I detest going away on business for the fact alone that it makes contacting Chloe (phone, internet and physically) all the more difficult. Although, the returning home to Chloe is always great...nothing better than being back in her arms!


  2. Jack

    I am trying... I sure wish I had a time machine right now.. the world would be saying "Wow, it's Thursday already? This week flew by"

    The reunion ought to be great though ! ;)

  3. And this, the morning time, is the hardest my love. Because you are deep in slumber while I wake for my workday, not being able to start our morning with our usual phone call or a chat,makes it so very difficult for me.

    Jag saknar dig fruktansvärt, min älskling..

    Thursday can't come soon enough.

  4. Counting down the hours with you! Soon it'll be Thursday, don't worry. :)

  5. Sage and Spring Flower:

    Yep... only 76 hours to go!

    I felt the same way when I woke up and knew you wouldn't be there to say 'Good Morning Sweetheart' like you do every morning. Time apart surely reminds me how much you mean to me.
    Love and miss you like mad!

  6. Hope the hours pass very quickly for you! Hang in there. x

  7. Thanks for saying this. Sigh.

  8. Think of how amazing it will be when you see each other again!

  9. Thanks for the good thoughts... in less than 36 hours, we will be celebrating his return... can you tell I am getting anxious?


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