Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Toy Review 2 - Kickin' Some Glass!

Jen and I have found that one of the major benefits of the adult blogging world is the periodic opportunity to be offered a chance to try out new toys ... And our good friends at The Adult Toy Shoppe have been our exclusive source of our pleasure toy play. After trying out the Men's Pleasure Wand back in February and our subsequent review here, once again our trusty vendor offered us another opportunity to review one of their products of passion. And who are we to say no?

So for months now, we have been discussing the potential of introducing a dildo of the glass variety into our reindeer games. Not sure what drove us in that direction, although I do remember some postings by our fellow bloggers giving a shout-out to the benefits of the phallic flute. So we excitedly ordered up the Cyberglass G. Advertised as "seemless and solid" (just like Mark!!), "it's covered with an array of bumps, curves and swirls to make your erotic experience that much better" . And not only that, but it's essentially two toys in one as you can use either end. And who are we to say no to a 2-for-1 deal? So we emailed the Toy Shoppe and eagerly awaited our delivery.

We mentioned it in the first review, but it still bears repeating -- shipping from The Adult Toy Shoppe is extremely quick and very discrete. We ordered it the Friday before Mark left on his business trip and as luck would have it, it arrived in time for our reunion the following Thursday.

When the package arrived I couldn't wait to run into my bedroom to break it open. I called Mark with the news and could tell he was as excited as I. After slicing open the box I saw my new glass toy enclosed in its plastic wrap. I must say, it is the most attractive I have ever seen. When they say “it looks like a piece of art” they are right on target. Heck, it's damn-near coffee table worthy. I could just picture my Mom dropping in some day and hear her as she's holding it up "What the hell is this thing? Just more shit to dust as far as I'm concerned..." We selected the blue colored variant and while very attractive to look at, the proof of course would be in the performance of our stunning, seductive friend.

The day it arrived was Mark's first day back from his business trip. After a round of rousing lovemaking and a bit of recovery time, Mark grabbed the toy from the end table and began to run it over my already soaked and sensitive pussy. The cold glass as it touched me sent shivers up my spine. I loved the feel of it, and he hadn't even slid it in yet. When the moment had arrived I was pleasantly surprised at how different it felt from my other toys. I loved the slickness of it, and the slight curve certainly hit the spot as my lover slid it in and out, a bit deeper each time, and all the while with his tongue working my ultra-sensitive clit. (I swear he was a juggler in a prior life!) And those bumps and curves were true to their word in enhancing the experience.

But the signature feature of all glass dildos, including the Cyber G, is its ability to adapt to the temperature of its surrounding environment. Much like a cold-blooded Gecko Lizard!! And after spending some quality time in my wanton pussy, it was sizzling to the touch when we brought it up to our lips to lick that smooth surface clean of all our juices. But watch out -- you could break a tooth if you're not careful!

Downsides? Can't think of many. I have since used it without Mark's help and tried both sides, each with its own sensations. I did find that I still needed clit stimulation in order to climax, but I think that may be just me. We did get a good laugh out of the red pouch it came with to store it. Mark commented that it looked like a penis warmer, which it did! But it does serve to keep my friend warm when he's not in use.

Final verdict? Two thumbs up for the Cyberglass G and many thanks to The Adult Toy Shoppe for giving us the opportunity to introduce yet another weapon to our lovemaking arsenal.


  1. Damnit what is wrong with Aussie Adult Toy Shops. The stingy buggers are not approaching us in any way, shape or form lol.

    Brilliant review, I am all hot and flustered after reading that - took me right there~!


  2. not sure I would use the terms "break open" and "slicing open" when it comes to glass dildos!! :) Just sayin

  3. OOOOOOHHHHHH!!!! I want one of these in my toybox but just haven't got one yet. I love oogling them though, they are beautiful to look at for sure. Great review!

  4. this good to know! Now we know what to get you as a gift! :)


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