Friday, September 3, 2010

Another milestone... and the big 300 !

We hit another milestone today. It was one year ago that Mark and I had sex for the first time.

If you recall.. we celebrated our first anniversary of meeting back in July. We knew almost from that first cup of coffee on that picnic bench a year ago that... we had something special. We talked for 3 hours that first day in what seemed like minutes. We even spent another 10 minutes saying good bye at our cars. No kissing, almost no touching... just that special communication that comes with your eyes, your laugh and the sound of your voice.

Although we met on Ashley Madison with the intention of finding someone to satisfy our physical needs... something told us that day that we had found so much more. So instead of running to the nearest motel after we met … we spent the next month and a half getting to know each other. Lunches in the park where we shared that first kiss, our first lunch out in public at a restaurant, our first time at my house meeting my kids. So many firsts and each day we realized how special what we had was. The reality of falling in love with a married man didn't hit until much later.

Then, we finally decided we were ready to take that step. We set a date and worked out our stories so we could meet and consummate this relationship. I checked into the hotel the day before. I went up to the room and lay on the bed.. thinking about what would happen there the next morning. I put candles in the room, whipped cream in the fridge, and texted Mark to tell him how nervous and excited I was. Then went home to try to sleep in anticipation of the long awaited moment when I could lay naked with him, feel him get hard as my lips covered him, then that amazing feeling of his hard cock pressing into me and spreading me open as pushes in deeper. The day turned out even better than I had imagined. With only a few hours we managed to make the most of it, the final orgasm count for that morning was 4 for me and 3 for Mark. He joked about starting a counter to keep track of them and before I knew it.. the Orgas-o-meter was born.

Mark has kept track of each and every time we have been together and where and how many of the BIG O's each of us have had. It even keeps track of the things we managed to cross off the bucket list. Today.. as we celebrated our one year of lovemaking... we did it by hitting our 300th and 301st .

I still love the feel and taste of his cock... the way he makes me squirm when his tongue plays with my clit... the feeling as the head of his big cock begins to push into me and my pussy grips around him. After one year and over 300 amazing climaxes... it's still incredible and never enough.

Happy Anniversary Darling...I love you ...

you make all right with my world.


  1. Nice :) Congratulations Guys xx

  2. Thanks for sharing how you love affair began.

    The intensity of your feelings for each other still seem to be as white hot as they were a year ago.

    Congrats on your anniversary and I assume you will have an appropriate celebration.


  3. Awwwww... you guys are so awesome!!! :)

    Getting to know each other first is so important. Congrats and... have fun. ;)

  4. Love via Ashley Madison, who would have guessed! Congratulations!

  5. keep the numbers & fun going honey ;)


  6. And 301 was better than 300 .. which was better than 299 .. which was better than .. You get the idea...

    And here's to a lifetime more ... Love you too sweetheart.

  7. Awwwww, Congrats, and Happy Anniversary, y'all!!
    Our anniversary is coming up, too,, well...we went STRAIGHT TO THE HOTEL!!

  8. Congratulations! You two always give me hope that love still exists.


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