Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's centrifugal motion .. it's perpetual bliss...

Back before I met Jen, the one thing I really missed most from an intimate relationship was the kissing. I always thought kissing was very underrated ... but little did I realize how underrated it REALLY was until I found my perfect partner in Jen. I mean .. when I say our kissing is hot - I mean it's SMOKING HOT. Instant hard-on hot. Panty-soaking hot (speaking for Jen). Since Jen's kids are still home much of the time (especially during the summer), full-on naked wall-pounding primate sex is not always in the cards, so we'll steal away to her bedroom for a while and have one of our intense make-out sessions. And I'll tell you what -- it's intoxicating. Fourteen months into this, and I still can't get enough of our tongue-tangling sessions. Just yesterday afternoon I had about a half-hour window of time where I could sneak away to catch a couple innings of the Yankees game with her, and of course it wasn't too long before we were rolling around on the bed playing tonsil hockey.

And today's another day!!!!!


  1. I agree that kissing and foreplay are way underrated. Back in the day before the pill when getting pregnant was a scary thought, there was more making out. Now couples are too quick to go right for the sex. Do you notice you don't even see hickeys much anymore? I sometimes think these young couples don't know what they are missing. And making out with someone you love has its own special intensity.


  2. Sigh... I love kissing. I could kiss for hours! I loved going back home, so excited from our kissing sessions, in the early beginnings of our relation! Intoxicating for sure.

  3. Yay, KISSING! Gotta' love it!
    T-minus 30 hours for us!!

  4. FD: I just can't get enough of the kissing .. I would have thought after 14 months, it would have grown old by now but its more intense now more than ever. Jen and I are the perfect fit in so many ways, and we are totally in sync in the kissing department.

    Spring: I remember our first make-out sessions on our blanket in the park, and how I couldn't get it out of my mind long after I returned home. This is the God's honest truth - I still get that same feeling today.

    LC: I'll be counting down your 30 hours myself -- and looking forward to some more of your hot after-the-fact posts!


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