Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I think I'm "fall"ing for you......

Happy Fall !

I love fall. I am a huge fan of the colors we get to see here in the northeast as the leaves change and the sky takes on hues of purple and shades of pink and orange. The cool nights. The chance to stoke up my fireplace. Wearing my warm comfy sweaters. The smell of the air after the leaves have begun to fall. More time with Mark alone at the house as my kid's schedules take on a more structured time frame. Our mornings in my bed before we head off to work.

Today, was one of those days where Mark came over very early... comes quietly into the house and slips under the covers with me. Every time I see my bedroom door open and him walk through, my heart starts beating faster. Especially when he comes dressed for work in his shirt and tie... so very sexy. He says he loves how warm my body is from being under the covers. Within moments of saying hello, we were kissing like teens in heat. We hadn't had this kind of time since our sleepover.. and making love to him was a longing I can't even put into words. I knew I was soaked just from kissing and when he slipped his finger into my panties.. he got evidence of how turned on I was.

Before long it was my turn to play. My fingers closed around his already hard cock and the moan I heard from him told me he was missing my touch. I can never resist the chance to move my mouth to his balls and suck and lick. Then move up to swallow his cock deep.. we were both on our sides and that offered Mark the opportunity to move his hips take control of the speed and depth. I love when he does this.. sometimes forcing it deep until I gag.. other times just fast short strokes as my lips stay closed tight around him. Wasn't long before I was asking him to fill me.

I was on my hands and knees waiting for him to enter.. and that moment when I finally feel him is always one of my favorites.. whether we are outright fucking or making love slow and tender. Today, was a bit of both.. definitely a perfect mix. I came first... biting the pillow so not to make too much noise as the house wasn't empty yet. Not long after Mark followed with his earth shattering orgasm. Stiffling his screams as much as possible.. which makes it all the more entertaining because, you truly never know what sounds Mark will make in the throes of the moment. Usually as he's coming down.. he will sing or yodel or make some crazy sound.. always making me laugh.

Our time was short but, we still had some special cuddle time which we both love. We relax, we talk, we laugh, we run our fingers over each other, look out the window at the beginnings of the day... just look at each other and smile and slip into one of Marks amazing hugs where I forget about all my troubles and the rest of the world.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring. The end of the year is coming up fast and Fall will turn to winter. Winter will force us to look at the holiday seasons and revisit what happens next and make some hard decisions.

I wish Fall could last forever.


  1. Yodeling, hmm? LOL

    That must be real nice to be able to enjoy those little morning visits.

    *sigh* indeed... but even if seasons come and go, what you shared stays forever. No need to rush the decisions with respect to you both. (even though I understand why you do need to make those)

  2. Wonderful post Jen. I loved this post and I love fall - windows slightly open - crispness in the air...perfect time to spend together in bed!

  3. I long for fall. It's my absolute favorite time of year. Alas! No fall in Florida.

    You sound happy and a little wistful about your time together. But I know you two are enjoying what you have.

  4. A morning visit sounds wonderful!

  5. That reminds me.....I NEED TO RAKE LEAVES.

  6. So lovely, Jen. Thanks for sharing.
    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!

  7. B.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l ;)


  8. Yes, wouldn't it be nice if you could stop the clock and fall would stay forever.



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