Thursday, September 16, 2010

HNT success!!

Mark and I had our "sleepover"... and it was an amazing day/night.(We have a video to prove it !!)

Details to follow... but rest assured, Mark spent a lot of time unclothed... like this:

and we spent a lot of time doing fun stuff like THIS ... in various positions of course.

  I'd say the sleepover was a success.  What do you think?

                 HAPPY   HNT.... Go visit Osbasso and see who else is playing !


  1. Oh my, what a hot man! Thanks for sharing and yes, I'd say your sleepover was a roaring success!

  2. I'd definitely say you had a successful sleepover. WOW! Very sexy pictures, girl! And, Mark! ;)

  3. I especially loved the pic where I could just see your legs spread far apart with Mark wedged deep into you, whewww, very hot!!

  4. it's definitely a success judging from the tone in your post Jen! pheeweets ;)


  5. Yessss, SCORE!!
    :D So happy for you guys! Looks like you had a BLAST!!!
    Here's to many more...

  6. Yay!!! Looks like you had a fabulous time together. Very successful use of time :)

  7. Jen: Now that sounded like a wonderful sleepover that featured a lot of love and lust. But you didn't share how many times you came. Bet you were purring like a cat when it finally ended.


  8. Funny how much we are alike, yet different.
    When Lambchop and I are together, it's always a "sleepover" and yet we have to go weeks apart between visits.
    We just need to find a way to do some simple math:
    Mark&Jen frequency + Kendoll&Lambchop sleepovers minus (wife x 2) = Perfect happiness.


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