Friday, January 8, 2010

The Fantasy Bucket List

Even before Jen and I first "consummated the relationship" back in September, we worked out our Fantasy Bucket List, a list of things we wanted to accomplish sexually with each other. As we accomplish a goal, we cross it off the list and as we think of a new activity, we add it. So essentially, it evolves over time. These items run the gamut -- many we accomplished in our past, some were low hanging fruit that we knew we could knock off in no time, but the point was these are things we wanted to accomplish together. Seven of them are "days of the week" sex, i.e., sex on Monday, sex on Tuesday, etc. While these seem like no-brainers, it ain't so easy when one of us (that would be ME) is married with young kids still at home. But as you can see, the only day we haven't conquered is Saturday, arguably the toughest day of the affair sex week.

Peruse the list and feel free to provide inputs. I'm sure there are many we haven't thought of -- there's almost nothing we won't try!! Heck, give us something to try and we'll give you a shout-out when we knock it off!

The Fantasy Bucket List

  1. Make out on a blanket

  2. Make love for the first time

  3. In the shower

  4. In the hot tub

  5. On a hotel balcony

  6. In front of the fireplace

  7. Watching porn

  8. With whipped cream

  9. Sit in a nice restaurant and just whisper dirty things to each other.

  10. Road head

  11. Wake up together (which leads to wake up sex)

  12. Have an orgasm standing up (oral)

  13. 69

  14. Mile High Club

  15. A Day at The Beach

  16. No condoms

  17. All day " in bed day"

  18. full body/back massage w oil

  19. Missionary

  20. Cowgirl

  21. Reverse Cowgirl

  22. Doggie

  23. Simultaneous orgasm

  24. End of the bed sex

  25. Have an orgasm standing up (fucking)

  26. Titty fuck

  27. Hand job orgasm

  28. Make our own porn flick

  29. Stroke myself to climax in your mouth

  30. Use 69 for clean up

  31. Snowball

  32. Toy play... (Jen)

  33. The Forbidden Pleasure ... Anal play .. (Doggie)

  34. Anal Play (Cowgirl)

  35. After Sunset Sex

  36. Lap sex on the couch

  37. mouth fuck laying flat

  38. Blowjob in Jen's office

  39. Titty Fuck to orgasm

  40. Blindfold (Mark)

  41. Blindfold (Jen)

  42. Orgasm with oil (Mark)

  43. Monday Sex

  44. Tuesday Sex

  45. Wednesday Sex

  46. Thursday Sex

  47. Friday Sex

  48. Saturday Sex

  49. Sunday Sex

  50. Toy play .. (Mark)

  51. Middle Of The Night Sex

  52. Fuck in Jen's office

  53. Four-on-the-floor

  54. Fully clothed sex (minimum 45 minutes before going naked)

  55. Outdoor sex

  56. Oral sex with wine

  57. Fuck-and-run

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