Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Right here, right now, there is no other place I want to be

As Jen weaves her tale of our first intimate time together, I think it's important for me to describe my sexual past (if you want to call it that), as it helps a great deal in understanding how I arrived at where I am today. And while I'm trying to strike a balance in my postings between the bawdy sex tales and the intense love and passion we have for each other (although in a perfect world, the two would go hand-in-hand. And guess what? Jen and I HAVE formed this perfect world!!). But I do understand dear readers that the sex is what brings you here ... Let's not kid ourselves!

So anyhow, I'm just going to ramble a little here, giving you nuggets of my sexual history as they pop into my head. And one note to my dear Jen -- in no way should you consider this a challenge to document your past and put it out there for public consumption.That's NOT what's prompting me to do this .. I am driven solely by the fact that I enjoy doing this, and it's a somewhat comical reflection on my 30 year sexual history, or lack thereof. (I didn't start until I was 20 years of age).
  • I never had a date through high school.
  • I first had sex at a Texas Massage Parlor in 1980, at age 20. For $20 she sucked my cock, and then rode me cowgirl. I still remember her name -- an Asian girl, named Kimmy. As she bounced up and down she asked me if I came yet. I'm thinking to myself "Huh? What the fuck is she talking about?".. And I don't think I ever did.. Don't recall -- if I did it certainly wasn't very memorable.
  • Since I was a lad, I was obsessed with eating pussy. Even though I never got the chance until .. Kimmy!!! First thing I did was dive into that hairy twat. Didn't give a rats ass if she was a two-bit whore or how many cocks had been there before.
  • I married the first girl I ever dated. I was 26 at the time. She was .... how do I put this nicely? She was a fat chick. I had very low self-esteem and thought she was the only woman I'd ever be able to get.
  • When I dated the first wife, she liked to suck cock a lot. But I never finished. Ever. I remember after a surprise party she threw for my college graduation, she tried to get me to cum in her mouth. It seemed like she was down there for days, but I couldn't do it. I remember she cried after that.
  • We dated for 4 years and were divorced after 1. Never did anything but missionary, except she got drunk one night and wanted me to do her doggy. Little did I know it would be some 25 years before I would do doggy again.
  • Never did 69 with Wife #1.
  • I never had more than one orgasm in a single day with Wife #1. We probably averaged about once per week.
  • I ate the first wife's pussy, albeit infrequently. It tasted and smelled real bad.
  • We divorced after 1 year when she started screwing around on me with some guy from the steel plant.
  • I started dating after the divorce, but nothing juicy to report.. What a waste -- this should have been my prime season!
  • I started dating my future ex-fiance Christine within a year after the divorce. She enjoyed sex, and reluctantly sucked my cock. But not to completion. Ever. She would go down on me, but told me it "didn't do anything" for her. That didn't keep me from eating her pussy though. Much better tasting than Wife #1. And she enjoyed it, but never had an orgasm from it.
  • Christine would do me exclusively cowgirl. Any attempt at missionary was quickly rebuffed. She told me it "didn't do anything" for her.
  • Never did 69 with Christine.
  • Never did doggie with Christine.
  • Christine and I always had simultaneous orgasms, but the most we ever did it in a single day was twice. And that was with many hours between sessions.
  • The marriage never came off, as Christine started fucking Richard about a month before the wedding.
  • I started dating Sharon, my future Wife #2 (and still is to this day, in fact) about a month after the breakup with Christine. Sharon will heretofore be referred to as "The Wife".
  • On the eve of my doomed Wedding Day to the future ex-fiance, Christine broke up with Richard. Informed me we still had the Honeymoon Suite reserved at the local Marriot and wondered if I'd like to join her. "Fuck you", I replied. Looking back, maybe I should have.
  • Dated The Wife for 2 years before we married. She enjoyed sucking cock, but never to completion. Ever. Although we did do 69.
  • The Wife would fuck exclusively cowgirl, but only at night.. And only with the lights off . And only with the shades drawn. And only with three or four layers of blankets over us. But at least we fucked ...
  • Never did doggie with The Wife. She claimed it was unnatural for a penis to enter a vagina from that angle. OK, you're the boss....
  • The Wife and I had sex an average of less than once per week, until we decided to have kids. Then we did it a lot, but only during the right times of the cycle. It was so mechanical and non-fulfilling, I can't tell you. But we did end up reproducing.
  • When I speak in the past tense of sex with The Wife despite her being my current wife, it's because sex with The Wife is indeed in the past tense. We haven't done it since January '09, and we only did it about 6 times in 2008. Why?
  • Ahhhhhh....Even though The Wife was always religious, she took a hard right turn after we had kids. Sex became a dirty word. In fact, this is no lie -- she spells it out when she begrudgingly has to reference the topic. S-E-X. She can't even say the word anymore.
  • Oral S-E-X with The Wife was terminated almost immediately after the kids were born. The Vatican says that S-E-X acts that don't directly lead to conception are immoral. Arrivederci 69.
  • But at least we still had S-E-X after the kids were born. For a few years, anyhow. Then came "The Change", which meant The Wife could no longer bear children. So ... if you can't conceive anymore, that means ...according to The Wife anyway ... that all S-E-X acts are immoral acts. See previous bullet.
  • After 14 years of marriage, I decided to have an affair.. Found a woman on Craigslist from out of state, who made monthly 2-day trips to my hometown. I'll call her "Missouri".
  • Sex with "Missouri" was much better than I was getting at home. Finally, after 50 long years, I got the opportunity to cum in a woman's mouth. And you know what? I liked it!!!! Found it was quite easy to do actually.
  • Did missionary, cowgirl and doggie (YES!!! - Imagine that!!!! That unnatural angle apparently never bother HER) with Missouri...
  • The Missouri affair carried on for about a year, but with her being in town only once per month, and some months there were conflicts with my travel or my vacations, you do the math -- we weren't together that often. Perhaps only 6 or 7 times.
  • Oh yeah -- I enjoyed eating Missouri ...and she enjoyed it as well. But I never did bring her to orgasm that way. It was my first exposure ever to a shaved pussy. I'm not sure I could ever go back.
And then..... And then came Jen .... It took me 50 long years to find her, but the wait was worth every minute....

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  1. Great post! Entertaining and informative! :-) We totally don't just come here for the sex talk, you know. ;-)


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