Saturday, January 23, 2010

Our New Year Celebration - Riding the Storm Out

Jan 5, 2010

We had a rough New Years, no doubt. But.. we got through and looked forward to our first chance at being alone after the long hiatus since Christmas Eve day. Here's a little recap, with Mark's thoughts interspersed in italics.

I usually work late on Tuesday nights but it's the only night we know my house will be empty as both my kids have commitments that night. So, Mark thought he could swing "a meeting" story that Tuesday night.

Yes .. the phantom "Football Board Meeting".... I had to drive my son home from school that night, and there was quite a snowstorm going on. If I drive him all the way home, I risk being late for our rendezvous. So I call The Wife -- "Can you meet me halfway and pick up Alex so I can get to my Board Meeting on time?" "Why of course" she replies, not realizing she probably just earned her errant husband some more time to score an extra orgasm. Not to mention Jen!

Mark was on a mission this particular eve.. he was focused on one goal and that was seeing me squirm and making sure the first explosion that eve was mine. After some very sensual passionate kissing at the door we made our way to the bedroom. Shoes off.. Mark presses me back on the bed and sets about the task at hand. He slides my shirt and bra up.. not wasting time to remove them and heads straight to my ooooh so sensitive nipples. How 'the girls' love the attention and I can feel the wet spot forming on my panties with each tug of my hard nipple with his mouth and teeth.

Jen has opened my eyes to my long-dormant sexuality. While I used to be more on the passive side, she has brought out the aggressiveness in me. After one of our first encounters, she told me she enjoys the rough sucking and playful biting of her nipples. I've been more than happy every since to oblige.

Mark quickly sheds most of his clothes except for his boxers and slides back up to kiss me and do one of the most sexually erotic things I have ever experienced... he grinds that hard cock against my fully clothed, ever sensitive clit. After the work-up on my tits, this just sends me to places my body can't comprehend and all I can think about is how bad I want to cum. I don't remember but I am sure I vocalized that.. and Mark kindly obliged by removing my pants and undies and sending me into full freedom with his fingers and mouth. Heart pounding, body draining ecstasy at that moment.

Affirmative, my love -- you vocalized that in no uncertain terms!! With nearly two weeks elapsed since our last encounter, I had an incredibly intense, burning desire to taste Jen's pussy. Her juices were flowing like never before. I love inserting my middle finger inside her, giving the "come hither" motion, and all the while alternating between playful flicks and hard sucking of her clit with my tongue and mouth. It wasn't long before she was writhing in orgasmic ecstasy. There's nothing that sates me more than bringing her to climax that way.

He's clearly not done with me.. he truly is on a mission tonight. Back up he slides as he rests that boxer covered hardon against my now so sensitive clit.. and grinds against me. My wetness soaking his boxers, his cock finds that lovely little slit and sneaks out now skin against skin as we lock eyes and he continues his assault. I push off his boxers and his cock finds it entry into my warm, wet opening. As always, that moment when he first presses into me, as my pussy clenches tight around him .. makes me moan. He lifts my leg onto his shoulder and with a finger touches my hardened clit while he fucks me... that does it to me everytime.. I cum all over his cock as he holds it deep inside me.

One of our favorite positions is missionary with her leg raised up and over my shoulder. It just seems like I can penetrate her so deeply ... balls slapping wildly against her ass... This is the way I entered Jen the very first time we fucked -- we haven't looked back since.

Clearly it's my turn to take some control and take care of him.. as I lay him on his back and climb over him.. I love the tease of pressing his hard cock against his stomach as I slide my wetness over him.. and just move up and down covering him with my juices.. then teasing my clit with the head as I flick him back and forth against it... certainly does things for me and Mark never complains.. but then all I wanted was to hear him say.. "I'm cumming baby" so I slipped him in and rode him until those words were rising between the moans. I love the feeling as he begins to pulse and I feel him emptying into me. Between that and the sounds of our bodies and our voices.. I am so turned on I can't help but join him as we finish almost together.

I shoot my load hard and deep into her fiery cunt. Her pussy cum already smothering my cock, my cum now mixes in ... I continue to thrust, pumping in and out and making that squishy sound we so enjoy. And our satisfaction is never complete until both our juices come gushing out of her, dribbling down my cock and ultimately making its way between my thighs, soaking the comforter.

We rest for awhile as we laugh and chat and relax tangled up together. This, dear reader, is almost as fulfilling as the previous sexual encounter.. because the comfortable togetherness fills those empty spaces in my heart. But.. I haven't been sated, I need to feel that cock between my lips and before you know it.. I am there, bringing him back to life, tasting our juices all over as I work my tongue and lips from top to bottom. Moving below under his balls, then sucking his balls as I stroke... watching him harden and taking the opportunity to slide him between my tits for a brief time as I love to watch that dick sliding between them. My thoughts though, are on having a bit of assplay as he strokes. I think it is as sexy as hell watching a man stroke his cock .. and as I wet my finger and slide it into that nub .. my tongue finds his rock hard balls and his hand is running up and down the length of his shaft.. as I hear my favorite words.. I rise up to cover him with my mouth and take in every drop.

Our "down" time is indeed our most precious of moments. But there is no rest for the wicked. Jen sucks my cock squeaky clean, bringing me back to an erection that matches our first round. She then rubs oil on my cock, and then inserts her finger in my ass, that by now is begging for her touch. I grab my cock and stroke it vigorously knowing that when I give the signal -- "I'm going to explode again, baby" -- her mouth will be there to take in every delicious drop of my seed.

Happy New Year Baby...

I love you baby. I could never love you enough to satisfy me.


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