Wednesday, January 20, 2010

HNT - All that glitters...

We've all heard of that "shiny drop of precum", right? Well THIS takes that to a new level! Jen was in a picture taking mood the other day during one of our intense lunchtime makeout sessions, and snapped this "special effect". And as luck would have it, she just couldn't keep from helping herself to a little taste, turning that single drop into a full-fledged gusher in record time!


  1. I love that shot babe.. especially the halos around your cock and that glow at the tip. So angelic !
    Thanks for letting me play with my fav toy.
    Love you ~Jen

  2. Excellent picture! I can see why she was so tempted to put the camera down and play! Happy HNT!

  3. umm...dare i say...yum? :-) i love that the cock's out and the belt isn't even undone. jen's a little impatient no? ;-) i can see why!

  4. Quite a nice special effect! hhnt

  5. Jen: I owe you one babe, after your performance there Tuesday afternoon... You make me what I am, and that is for you. Love you, sweetheart.

    nitebyrd: Jen indeed put that camera down in a flash .. And play, she did!

    Vixen: Glad you enjoyed.. There's plenty more where that "came" from!

    frances: Jen doesn't mess around. In fact, I don't even have to pull it out and she takes me to places I've never been. You know that Cialis commercial? "If your erection last more than 4 hours, please consult a physician".... Since I met Jen, it's been a 6 month hard-on!!! Doctor, doctor give me the news!!!

    Genevieve: Jen just has that "special effect" on me... Thanks for stopping by...

    Happy HNT everyone!!

  6. What a fabulous shot! And sounds like a wonderful time that went along with it...HHNT!

  7. What an incredible shot! I love it! HHNT. :)


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